MBA Programme Details

Modular Course Structure
A combination of core and elective courses. Courses are of variable length depending on their ECTS credits and students attend one course at a time.

Flexible Selection of Courses
Students can take courses in any sequence throughout the programme to fit their own schedule as long as they have the necessary prerequisites.

ECTS Composition
To graduate, students are required to earn 120 ECTS credits: 78 ECTS from taught core courses, 12 ECTS from taught elective courses, 30 ECTS from a final project work

Rolling Admissions
Students can join CIIM MBA/MPSM any time of the year. The Admissions Committee makes recommendations on student admissions to the Programme Committee.

Students can choose to complete their coursework at a rapid pace in 18 months or at a more relaxed pace taking up to a maximum of three years.

Courses are taught during evenings and weekends leaving weekdays free for work.

Admission Requirements

We seek to select highly qualified candidates who are motivated and who will make a positive contribution at CIIM. Our students share a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a desire to affect positive change.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited programme
  • A minimum of three years postgraduate work experience
  • Proficiency in English (graduation from an English speaking institution, TOEFL, IELTS or similar standardised test)
  • Successful personal interview

Programme Table

Core Courses: Total 78 ECTS

Basic Functional Skills
Corporate FinanceMB4056
Financial AccountingMB4506
Managerial EconomicsMB4206
Marketing ManagementMB4306
Quantitative & Qualitative MethodsMB7306
Operations & Supply Chain ManagementMB6756
Leadership & People Skills
Communication & Negotiation SkillsMB6806
Ethics, CSR & SustainabilityMB5406
Leading & Managing People & OrganisationsMB6856
Strategic Thinking & Practice
Market Research & Competitive AnalysisMB7909
Final Project WorkshopMB5250
International BusinessMB6303
Managing Strategic ChangeMB5156
Strategic MarketingMB5106
Total ECTS Credits (Core Courses)78

Elective Courses: Total 12 ECTS

Digital Business Track *
Digital MarketingMB7456
Digital Marketing – Group Project OR
Project Management
Managing Information SystemsHR4803
Entrepreneurship Track *
Business Ventures – From Idea to ExecutionMB7256
Planning & Starting a New BusinessMB7506
Financing of New Ventures OR
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Oil & Gas Management Track *
Oil & Gas Economics, Finance and AccountingMA6606
Oil & Gas Law, Contracts and Dispute ManagementMA6704.5
Energy Markets: Economics, Policy and ManagementMA6804.5

Final Year Project: 30 ECTS

Programme Total: 120 ECTS

* Tracks Explained:

Digital Business
Learn about digital marketing, project management and managing information systems; grab the opportunity to receive an international professional diploma by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and/or the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and financing of new ventures; practice all the necessary steps to develop an idea for a new business venture and turn your idea into a start-up business; write the business plan of your start-up idea as your final project

Oil & Gas Management
Learn about oil-and-gas-specific finance and accounting, law, contracts, and dispute management, and about the economics, policy and management of energy markets; apply your final project on an oil-and-gas management topic to improve your career perspectives in the sector