Advance Your Career

People undertake post-graduate programmes because they want to advance their careers. CIIM challenges you to excel at what you do and how you do it. Additionally, learning at our institution is the start of a lifelong relationship that will support you throughout your professional life.

A recent survey-based study of former CIIM students illustrates that:

CIIM had a positive effect on their career 87%
CIIM programme helped them get a job 76%
CIIM Degree helped them secure a salary 79%
Would recommend CIIM to a friend or colleague 93%

We Provide Career Alternatives

CIIM helps its current and former students develop their careers in three distinct ways:

  • Finding or changing employment.
  • Considering alternative career paths.
  • Starting their own businesses.

Practical Help To Advance Your Career

CIIM takes positive steps to help you develop your career. This includes:

  • Networking: As a current or former CIIM student, you are member of an exclusive network that reaches every corner of the public and business sector in Cyprus. Over 22 years, the 2,000 students that have studied at CIIM have moved on to occupy many senior positions both locally and internationally. CIIM actively encourages you to keep in touch and to help each other find new employment.
  • Recruitment: CIIM maintains relationships with the leading recruitment consultancies in Cyprus with the objective of providing recruitment opportunities to current and former CIIM students.
  • Internships: CIIM actively seeks internship opportunities for its students to gain valuable practical experience.
  • Seminars and Workshops: CIIM periodically runs seminars and workshops to assist current and former students market themselves and become excellent job interviewees. These courses include how to prepare a CV or resume, how to handle interviews and how to use social networking to build and develop your professional business network.
  • Executive Education: CIIM has a comprehensive Executive Education programme to help you learn new skills or hone existing ones.
  • Mentoring and Coaching: CIIM faculty members are always willing to coach you on your career plans and professional options.