CIIM MBA advanced my knowledge which helped me write my best-selling book on leadership, as well as gain skills and mind-sets to progress in my corporate and entrepreneurial career.

Parani Vs, Class of 2017, MBA

CIIM MBA has equipped me with not only the knowledge that I acquired but also it has cultivated my way of thinking out of the box….differently, unconventionally and from a different perspective…. CIIM MBA has given me also the ability to address and resolve complex issues as well as the confidence that has enabled me to take on challenging tasks

Andreas Vasiliou, Class of 2017, MBA

CIIM MBA has provided an excellent opportunity to refine, enhance and develop my business knowledge while simultaneously providing an exceptional setting to network, make friends and build relationships… a recommendable experience.

Modestos Koundourzis, Class of 2017, MBA

CIIM MBA has availed me the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of various renowned professors from across the world, giving a well rounded curriculum in the area of business administration. It has made me finickier with the assessment of business proposals and conscious about manner of presentations. I am rest assured that my training here will serve as a springboard to the success of my future endeavours.

Abimbola Fayemi, Class of 2017, MBA

CIIM MBA has utterly reshaped the way I think business and added value to my life and professional aspirations I didn’t think was possible.

Chrysostomos Filippou, Class of 2017, MBA

CIIM MBA has been what I could describe as a short version of my trip to Ithaca. An educational, challenging, exciting journey. I have gained so much from this experience; not only the academic knowledge, but also the people I have met throughout the course. The memories will remain forever in my heart and will be cherished rightly.

Christina Vassiliou, Class of 2017, MBA

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for my MBA degree at CIIM. The CIIM MBA program not only offers an extremely high standard of enthusiastic teaching, but is also a supportive and friendly environment, the flexibility of the program gives working professionals the opportunity to learn and further their career. The skills I developed during my studies have help me develop in my career and I use almost everything I have learned daily

Kostas Kasapis, Class of 2017, MBA
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MBA Programme Director

“CIIM MBA is a unique experience… in an increasingly competitive business world”

Dr. Paris Cleanthous
Director of MBA