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Annual Live Case Project

Gain valuable experience by participating in the Annual Live Case Project

The MBM Programme has built several successful corporate partnership relationships – which are now used to the mutual benefit of the partners. Here is one example of such a collaboration – Annual Live Case Project 2018 between CIIM MSc Business Management programme and Medochemie, the leading pharmaceutical company in Cyprus.ent programme and Medochemie, the leading pharmaceutical company in Cyprus.

Medochemie (2018)

About the project

Three teams of the CIIM MSc Business Management students successfully completed a ‘live’ case project to help develop a marketing strategy for a new painkiller made by Medochemie, the Limassol-based pharmaceutical giant that has disproved the often-heard excuse that Cyprus is too small to manufacture and export products to the global market.

The challenge

Develop a 3-year marketing strategy for a new over-the-counter painkiller of Medochemie, Algofen Duofast.

Tasks included

Primary field research, situation analysis, market segmentation, marketing action plan within a certain budget, and sales forecast.

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What the participants are saying…

“This project was indeed a very valuable experience for us. We come from very different backgrounds – architecture, events marketing, retail and sports, – and this project gave us an opportunity to learn about an industry we were never really exposed to. Working on a ‘live’ project, being able to share our own ideas with the Medochemie team, having to deal with the real-life budget limitations and at the same time searching for truly innovative ideas – this was a unique experience which made us much stronger as a team. We believe it was our team effort that allowed us to come first, and we are all so happy with this success!! A ‘live’ project like this is certainly a great way to motivate the students!”

Medochemie 2018 Winners

Annual Live Case Project 2018 – Winning team (Leana El Daccache, George Kakourides, Sara Demetriou and Ioannis Yianni)

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BM Programme Director

“Our ultimate goal is to develop in our MSc Business Management participants the ability to see opportunities in the dynamic world of management, and use – in a responsible manner – those opportunities to start or advance their career.”

Dr. Olga Kandinskaia
Director of MBM – MSc in Business Management