MBM – MSc in Business Management Career Impact

The CIIM MBM – MSc in Business Management enhances your professional prospects by providing you with a head start in building your career in the challenging yet rewarding world of management.

The MBM – MSc in Business Management will help you become more employable, more productive, more entrepreneurial and, ultimately, more successful.

An analysis of previous MSc in Business Management students shows

CIIM had a positive effect on their career 87%
CIIM programme helped them get a job 76%
CIIM Degree helped them secure a salary 79%
Would recommend CIIM to a friend or colleague 93%

The skills and competencies you will acquire from the programme, which is focused on action learning, will enable you to pursue positions such as:

  • Operations Manager/ Programme Manager
  • Human Resources Manager/Organisational Development Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Sector Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Branch/Office manager
  • Non-Profit (NGO) Manager
  • Family Business Manager
  • Start Your Own Business/Entrepreneur
  • Professional Practice