Programme Details

To graduate, students are required to earn 90 ECTS credits as follows:

  • Earn 66 ECTS from taught core courses
  • 5 ECTS credits from core professional workshops
  • 19 ECTS from one of the following options
    • Additional taught electives (19 ECTS credits)
    • Additional taught electives (12 ECTS credits) plus:
      1. a 6,000-8,000 word thesis on human resource management or organisational behaviour (7 ECTS) or
      2. undertake a three-month internship (6 ECTS).

Requirements and Duration

We seek to select highly qualified candidates who are motivated and who will make a positive contribution at CIIM. Our students share a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a desire to affect positive change.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited programme
  • Proficiency in English (degree from an English speaking institution, TOEFL, IELTS or similar standardised test or excellent performance in a personal interview in English)
    Successful personal interview
  • Two reference letters.

The MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour is normally pursued either on a 13-month, full-time basis, or a 2-year part-time basis of evening/weekend classes.

Programme Table

Core Courses: Total 66 ECTS

Communication SkillsHR5353.0
Employee Resourcing, Appraisal & Talent ManagementHR5706.0
Ethics, CRS & SustainabilityHR4953.0
Foundations of Accounting & FinanceMA5654.5
International HRMHR6006.0
Labour Law and Employment RelationsHR5554.5
Leadership DevelopmentHR5753.0
Leading & Managing ChangeHR5503.0
Organisational BehaviourHR4056.0
Training & Employee DevelopmentHR5606.0
Qualitative ResearchHR5853.0
Rewards ManagementHR5656.0
Statistics & Quantitative ResearchMA5756.0
Strategic HRHR4606.0
 Total ECTS Credits 66

Core Professional Workshops:
Total 5 ECTS

Core Professional WorkshopsCodeECTS
Coaching Skills & Techniques1
Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution1
Managing Diversity1
HR Metrics and Analytics1
Emotional Intelligence1

Elective Courses:
Total 19 ECTS

Corporate GovernanceHR4456.0
Managerial EconomicsMA4804.5
Managing Information SystemsHR4803.0
Marketing ManagementMA4904.5
Negotiating SkillsHR4303.0
Operations ManagementMA4404.5
Project ManagementHR4656.0
Special Topics in ManagementHR4904.5
Starting a new BusinessMB7506.0
Total Quality ManagementHR5404.5

or Additional taught electives (12 ECTS credits) plus: a) a 6,000-8,000 word thesis on human resource management or organisational behaviour (7 ECTS) or
b) undertake a three-month internship  (6 ECTS).

Programme Total: 90 ECTS

Download the Programme Table (PDF)

Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods

Learning in the MSc Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour programme lays stress on student participation, class exercises and student/teacher interaction.

Sessions will combine:

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Business simulations
  • Work in small groups
  • Group presentations
  • Guest speakers
  • Field visits



HRM Director

“Our aim is through a dynamic curriculum to develop reflective HR professionals equipped with the skill set to successfully address global human talent challenges. ”

Dr. Vicky Katsioloudes
Director of MSc HRM and OB