CIIM MSc HRM & OB has helped me realize that it is never too late for studying and for fulfilling your dreams.

Georgios Georgiou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

CIIM MSc HRM & OB has enhanced the way we see business

Myria Onisillou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

It has given me the opportunity to develop myself and expand my knowledge. CIIM was the best choice I could make and I would definitely recommend it to future students.

Charitini Papadopoulou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

CIIM MSc HRM & OB has been a fascinating journey full of knowledge and valuable experiences which contributed to my personal and professional development.

Andri Antoniou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

CIIM MSc HRM & OB has provided me with the skills to work with people, learn independently, put knowledge into practise, and work around a problem, and look at it from different perspectives to solve it.

Iro Demetriou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

CIIM MSc HRM & OB has been an amazing experience. During my studies I had the pleasure to meet and work with extraordinary people. Not only did I learn from the professors but from my classmates as well. There was a huge variety of people that added value to my experience by giving me the opportunity to expand my point of view. The challenging nature of the program is an asset that gives a preview of what lies ahead for an HR professional. Congratulations to my classmates and a big thank you for sharing this experience with me!

Andrianna Polycarpou, Class of 2017, MSc HRM & OB

Studying at CIIM was an experiential journey towards my own learning Ithaca!

Kyriacos Kolokotronis, Class of 2015, MSc HRM & OB

The CIIM experience was one of a kind! Receiving knowledge and education by Experts in the field of HR industry, is a promising tool for a bright career! Thanks to all and each one of of you for this amazing journey!

Elina Protopapa, Class of 2015, MSc HRM & OB
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HRM Director

“Our aim is through a dynamic curriculum to develop reflective HR professionals equipped with the skill set to successfully address global human talent challenges. ”

Dr. Vicky Katsioloudes
Director of MSc HRM and OB