Part of CIIM’s mission is to offer an ‘international’ education with distinguished visiting faculty from around the world. The Erasmus programme adds another dimension to this mission with offering CIIM students the opportunity to spend some time abroad at a partner European institution.

How much does it cost?

  • Outgoing CIIM Erasmus students do not pay any additional tuition fees to the university that they will visit as Erasmus students. Fees are paid as normal at CIIM and the class is taken at the university that you will be hosted as an Erasmus student
  • You will not pay any other fees for registration, examinations and access to laboratory and library facilities at the host institution

Can I receive financial support?

Erasmus+ student mobility grant intends to contribute to the additional costs of living abroad. The grant is allocated by the European Commission in Brussels and distributed to each country’s National Agency.

You may be eligible to be awarded an ERASMUS grant to partially cover the travel and living costs during your study/traineeship period abroad. The grant amount is based on the cost of living expenses of the specific country (please see table below).

Group of Country Receiving Country
Group 1 Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway
Group 2 Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey
Group 3 Bulgargia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Mobility from To Amount
Outermost regions, Cyprus, Iceland and Malta, Overseas Countries and Territories Group 1 Countries 750 EUR per month
Group 2 Countries 750 EUR per month
Group 3 Countries 650 EUR per month


Grant support to the travel costs is also offered in the Erasmus+ Program. The grant amount is calculated via a distance calculator provided by the European Commission. Based on the distance expressed in km, the corresponding distance band will give the accurate amount of the traveling grant. Traveling allowance will be given only to students traveling from Cyprus to the host country.

Travel Distances Amount
Between 100 and 499 KM 180 EUR per participant
Between 500 and 1999 KM 275 EUR per participant
Between 2000 and 2999 KM 360 EUR per participant
Between 3000 and 3999 KM 530 EUR per participant
Between 4000 and 7999 KM 820 EUR per participant
8000 KM or more 1100 EUR per participant

Online linguistics support

The Online Linguistic Support provides Erasmus participants with the opportunity to assess their knowledge of the language they will use to study, work or volunteer abroad. In addition, the Online Linguistic Support gives to a number of participants the possibility to follow an online language course to improve their competences.

The Online Linguistic Support includes mandatory assessment of language competences and the possibility to follow language courses. A language assessment has to be undertaken both before and at the end of the mobility period in order to monitor progress in language competences. The results of the language assessment carried out by the participants before their departure will not prevent them from taking part in the mobility activity.

The Online Linguistic Support is available for the following six languages:

  • German (DE)
  • English (EN)
  • Spanish (ES)
  • French (FR)
  • Italian (IT)
  • Dutch (NL)

These are the languages of instruction or work for about 90% of all students, trainees, youth volunteers and others that study or train abroad. In the future, Online Linguistic Support will be extended to all the EU official languages.

If you are leaving for an Erasmus+ mobility activity, you will receive a login and a password to access the Online Linguistic Support platform.

How to apply?

Depending on the type of mobility you are interested in please click below for more information.

If you are leaving for an Erasmus+ mobility activity, you will receive a login and a password to access the Online Linguistic Support platform.

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