Cyprus’ location at the cross-roads of three major continents makes it a convenient and cost effective location for a leading international management school. Its strategic location offers easy access to European, African and Asian countries. It is one of the safest countries when compared to other European countries, with the legendary Cypriot hospitality and friendly people.

Erasmus students at the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) enjoy a world-class American and European business education in a highly desirable Mediterranean context. Below is some useful things to know about studying in Cyprus and some links to useful websites about the country and its people. Remember that the local CIIM Erasmus office is always available to assist you during your studies in Cyprus.

Why Cyprus

Part of the European Union (EU)

Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 and is also a part of the Eurozone. This offers free movement between the EU countries making it easy for Erasmus students from across Europe to study in Cyprus.


Cyprus epitomises ideal weather with sunny days and fine temperatures almost every day of the year. Cyprus has something to offer every month of the year, whether it’s swimming (as late as November) or enjoying cultural sites and festivals (all year long).

Improve language skills

All CIIM programmes (with the exception of Education Leadership and Management) are taught in English giving you a great opportunity to perfect your use of English in a business context. The local language of Cyprus is Greek but Erasmus students have no problem in getting around the country as English is widely spoken, and most shop and street signs are usually in both languages.

Practical Multicultural / International Learning

CIIM constantly strives to deliver current, practical learning experiences that students can take directly to the workplace and put into effect.

Be at home with another culture

Studying in Cyprus under the Erasmus programme gives you the opportunity to get first-hand experience of another country and culture.

Build an international network

Erasmus students at CIIM come from many countries. The whole Cyprus’s culture is highly cosmopolitan given the island’s location. You will meet people from many countries and cultures enabling you to build a strong international network.

Have a fun time

As well as being an international business centre, Cyprus is also a leading holiday destination. Choose between exploring the island’s long history, soaking up the rays on the island’s wonderful beaches, enjoying a host of sporting activities or go wild in vibrant night clubs.

Some useful websites to help you find out more about Cyprus:

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