In September 2016 I have commenced my studies in CIIM for the Master in Business Administration. During the orientation day at the Institute they informed us about the Erasmus programme that they provide to students. As soon as I heard it I was intrigued and soon found myself planning my semester in Paris at IESEG University, one of the top universities in Europe. So there I was ready for a new experience, new life and new people.

I arrived in Paris on the 2nd of January 2017. The city of lights was amazing and I couldn’t believe that this would be my home for the next four months. The apartment I rented was near the famous ‘Arc de Triomphe’ and I was therefore staying at a very local neighbourhood with many patisseries and French cafes. The University was just across the river Seine of Paris at the work centre of the city lets say. It was a beautiful area with a number of amenities near by.

I started meeting new people during the orientation week and until today we keep in touch with almost everyone. I even hosted a friend from Argentina at my house and showed him around our island, Cyprus.

It was an amazing experience and I would suggest it to anyone who is willing to change their ways and see new places, new cultures and taste different food!!

Eleni Partella ErasmusEleni Partella, MBA, Erasmus +, Paris France (IESEG University)

Frankfurt is the financial hub of Germany and possibly the most multicultural city of the country. With German central banks and European Central Bank skyscrapers shadowing a smaller part of the city, the traditional Bavarian architectural style houses at Römerberg Square, Taunus Mountains and Main River flowing to boost the energy of a city that never sleeps, Frankfurt gives its visitors the opportunity to choose their preferences amongst numerous options such as exhibitions, museums, monuments, historic buildings etc. Wiesbaden and Heidelberg cities that are within three quarters of an hour travelling from Frankfurt constitute must-destinations. Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France and Luxembourg are also at vicinity and day trips are organized by Frankfurt School throughout the semester. The University itself is a top ranked University in the relevant fields of study that promotes cultural diversity and knowledge sharing through education.

Participating in the Erasmus+ programme, was a life changing experience through which I made valuable friends, networked with international people and gained a more rounded perspective in the field of my study and the career opportunities that exist within the European Union. By closing this briefing, I wish the express my gratitude towards the Erasmus+ programme that provided funding for my tuition fees, accommodation, travelling and relocation expenses, as well as an extra budget to enjoy the perks of a magnificent destination.

Ioli Kynigou, MBA, Erasmus +, Frankfurt Germany (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)

My prominent love for travel has urged me to apply for the CIIM Erasmus+ Placement programme. After completing a year in CIIM I started looking more actively about my options. This August I came across an interesting internship opportunity and I had finally decided to go on an adventure abroad. Adventure, this is how I call my internship since it was as exciting and challenging as I had expected.

Going abroad for studies is definitely different than going abroad for an internship. I would dare to say that it’s a much more valuable experience since you actually put in practise everything you learn. You become more adaptable and efficient. Without realizing it you develop and enhance your soft skills. You are forced to bridge cultural and language barriers and you learn to interact with different types of people in a work setting. Those transferable skills that are highly valued in the business world will be accompanying you for the rest of your life.

Chara Frangou ErasmusChara Frangou, MSc Management, Erasmus +, Barcelona Spain

While flying above the clouds, coming back home from Spain I felt like I already missed this country, this town, those people. I went for a four months internship, for an 8-hour work schedule, new city, friends from all over the world, excursions, parties, trips, adventures …!

The European Union gives the opportunity to students and graduates to gain practical experience abroad and opportunities are not to be missed! Working in a foreign country is very important, even if it is for a short period. Personally, I had the opportunity to work in a start-up company where I have learned and understood many things. I wanted to experience the working environment of a start-up company, and I had this opportunity thanks to the Erasmus+ program. With my colleagues, whose age was around my age we could brainstorm, express our opinion and share our ideas about how to improve the company, with arguments and based on our experiences and culture of the country of origin. If you want to experience something different and spend abroad a few unforgettable months don’t let the chance fly away!

Ekaterini Kyriakou ErasmusEkaterini Kyriakou, MSc Management, Erasmus +, Valencia Spain

I chose to do my Student Exchange Program in Cyprus at Cyprus International Institute of Management and I am glad that I made this decision. The entire experience in the Institute was made smooth by Ms. Lena Jelic, Mr. Gaurav Dubey, Argyris and many others who helped us out for administrative issues. The Professors also accommodated us as and when we needed. Visiting Cyprus removed many misconceptions from my mind with regards to safety in a nation that had a disturbing neighbourhood. I believe MDI ties with CIIM should be further strengthened and more students should go for the exchange program in both institutes. I really had a memorable experience at Cyprus and found its food, culture and people interesting. I gained a lot of exposure in Cyprus and learned immensely from fellow students. We were well equipped with all facilities. I especially loved the hot freshly cooked food at the canteen in the campus. Their staff customised food according to us and made wonderful experiences for us every other time.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the entire CIIM fraternity for creating memories that I will cherish for a long time.

Shivani Dhaka, Exchange Student from India

Choosing Cyprus as a country for SEP was one of the best decisions i made. The greek cuisine and considerate cypriots gave a right blend of mixture to fit in. CIIM offers students mutiple courses spread across Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations specialisation. The striking feature of this campus was flexibility and adaptibility to needs of students. The classes were held in evening on weekdays leaving ample time to explore the beautiful island. I met people from different cultures which helped me gain a perspective on diversity and was a practical experience in itself. We, students of India were invited for dinner on occasion of Thanksgiving by Mr. Gaurav Dubey, one of the esteemed professors of the college. Lena and Argyris guided us at each and every step and helped to make the experience worthwhile. We were treated as part of family and this is how Cyprus became home away from home

Shubhangi Jain, Exchange Student from India
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