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Investment Screening

Academic and legal experts discussed the screening procedures for foreign investors acquiring assets in the EU.

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Not offered for academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23

MSc Financial Law and International Taxation Programme Overview

The MSc Financial Law and International Taxation offers all the necessary know-how for the delivery of sound financial law and tax advice to clients for operations and transactions at both local and international levels.

Rapid and wide-ranging changes are occurring in the financial markets around the world and in the legal, regulatory and international tax environment in which businesses and financial institutions operate. Furthermore, the law of the European Union has an increasing impact on the tax legislation of the Member States and it affects both investors within the EU and outside. These developments have created a demand for people with expertise in both financial law and international taxation and their intersection.

The proposed MSc in Financial Law and International Taxation takes an integrated approach to the subjects of financial law and international taxation by covering: regulation of financial markets, competition law, mergers and acquisitions, money laundering and fraud, as well as the process of international taxation in light of EU law including direct taxation & VAT, EU directives, double taxation treaties intellectual property rights, international trusts.

The course empowers students to master theoretical and practical knowledge for their mission. Students are also enabled to gain in-depth expertise in their field of choice, by choosing specifically targeted elective courses such as GDPR, Blockchain Technologies, Fund Structuring, and Compliance, among others.

Is the MSc in Financial Law & International Taxation programme suitable for me?

The multilayered EU and international efforts to tackle profit shifting have tremendously transformed the tax landscape. The enhancement of financial regulatory demands reforms the business operational models.

The MSc Financial Law and International Taxation is designed for those:

  • Who aspire to have their skills acknowledged by a valued recognised employment environment.
  • Wish to liaise with leading legal, audit and finance firms in Europe and abroad.
  • Aim to acquire a competitive edge in international taxation and financial regulation.
  • Want to keep abreast of the most recent developments in financial law & and international taxation and to ensure an updated watch.
  • Combine finance and tax qualification to deliver business-wise advisory in cross-border and inter-industry transactions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how financial, tax and legal principles are applied in practice.

  • Learn the tax rules and the practice of relevant laws needed for doing business within EU member states, and how to apply them in concrete cases.

  • Apply domestic EU and international tax and finance rules in concrete cross-border cases.

  • Put into practice international financial transactions structuring in an ethically appropriate manner.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the European Union’s legal system and how the financial and tax laws of the EU’s internal market operate in a cross-border context Acquire the know-how needed to provide tax advisory services in an international context.

  • Learn in what ways national and international financial regulations interact.

  • Learn how you structure international financial transactions deliver sound financial and tax advisory services efficiently.

  • Develop policy thinking on legal and financial risks for global financial markets operations.

  • Acquire mastery of rules to serve high net wealth individuals in confidence and transparency.

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FLIT Programme Director

“FLIT is a valuable asset to have under your belt. Earn an MSc that covers both Financial & International Taxation, with specific business practice features in an international environment in Cyprus. Provide sound advice to your clients and efficiently liaise with EU & international business actors. FLIT is an inclusive environment for Cypriots and expatriates in Cyprus. ”

Dr. Eleni Apostolidou
Director of MSc in Financial Law & International Taxation