“The new world of investment screening”

Investment Screening

Academic and legal experts discussed the screening procedures for foreign investors acquiring assets in the EU.

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Not offered for academic years 2021-22 and 2022-23

Career Impact

The MSc in Financial Law and International Taxation offers a first-rate education, uniquely equipping students with competence, skills, and professionalism to excel in the leading industries in Cyprus and beyond.

Upon finalisation of the program, participants have the leverage to integrate the finance and tax industry and are positioned one step ahead as regards Integrating insights of finance and tax in a holistic and specialised fashioned practice.

MSc in Financial Law and International Taxation earners dispose of the specific tools and abilities to pursue positions in government bodies, regulatory authorities, Finance and corporate firms in Cyprus and abroad as leading professionals of:


  • Tax Advisory, Consultancy and Litigation
  • Investment Advisory and Financial Services
  • Forex, brokerage
  • Wealth and Asset management
  • Company administration
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FLIT Programme Director

“FLIT is a valuable asset to have under your belt. Earn an MSc that covers both Financial & International Taxation, with specific business practice features in an international environment in Cyprus. Provide sound advice to your clients and efficiently liaise with EU & international business actors. FLIT is an inclusive environment for Cypriots and expatriates in Cyprus. ”

Dr. Eleni Apostolidou
Director of MSc in Financial Law & International Taxation