MSc Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Faculty

Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis has a BA/MA (Honors) in Mathematics: University of Cambridge, UK, a Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Number Theory Group): University of Cambridge, UK, a Master of Research (MRes) in Security Science from University College London (UCL) and a PhD in Information Security and Cryptography from University College London (UCL). His PhD was fully funded by the UCL SECReT program and EPSRC.

His research interests lie in the area of cryptanalysis of both symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems, information security, optimization techniques in cryptanalysis and applications of data analytics techniques in fraud prevention.

Theodosis has experience in both academia and industry. He has taught courses at postgraduate level at University College London (UCL) related to security science and he had worked as a Cryptologist in a project funded by Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and as a Security SME at Digital Security and Fraud at Lloyds Banking Group in London, UK. In addition, has worked as a data analyst and consultant for various London-based start-ups, consulting on data analytics and information security aspects. Recipient of the UK University Cipher Champion 2013 award.

Resident Faculty

  • Theodore Panayotou, PhD (University of British Columbia US), Professor of Economics and Ethics & Director of CIIM
  • Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD (University College of London), Lecturer in Information Management & Director of MSc Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Programme
  • Kyriacos Pavlou, Phd (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ), Computer Science Lecturer & Director of CIIM Research office

Visiting Faculty

  • Shachar Reichman, PhD (Tel Aviv University) Assistant Professor Tel Aviv University – Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv Israel
  • Mike Berry, MSc with Distinction (Imperial College London), Visiting Lecturer and MSc Project Supervisor at the University of Warwick
  • Mr. Demetrakis Savvides, Phd in Laws (Cand) UNIVERSITY OF MAASTRICHT LAW SCHOOL. SEPT. 2016, Masters of Science in Justice Studies ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe AZ.
  • Kampakis Stylianos, PhD (University College London), Data Scientist at Kampakis and Co. Startupbootcamp InsurTech London Mentor
  • Achilleas Kryftis, PhD (University of Cambridge), Quantitative researcher at hedge fund
  • Nicolas Anastasiou, PhD (Imperial College London UK) Head of Analytics, Logicom Solutions
  • Vasileios Routsis, PhD Digital Humanities, Information Studies (University College London (UCL), UK), Research Associate at the Department of Information Studies (DIS), UCL, UK