MSc Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Programme Overview

Data is considered “the oil” of the 21st century, and analytics its combustion engine. Businesses and organisations are increasingly realising the high value of the information hidden in the mounds of data collected and stored. They are investing growing levels of resources to discover the insights hidden in their data through the application of data mining and analytics techniques. Businesses and organisations use such insights combined with business intelligence to detect changing preferences in customer behavior, as well as other emerging trends, thereby increasing their competitive advantage and long-term sustainability.

In today’s analytics economy, in which data science is increasingly adopted by companies across all industries, the demand for data and tech-savvy employees is far exceeding the available supply and thus companies struggle to recruit the required talent for their business intelligence and data analytics.

The MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics is designed to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and a diverse set of skills required throughout the data analytics lifecycle. This skillset includes business data requirements, data acquisition and integration, data storage, data processing, data analysis, insights derivation, and ultimately, the business deployment of derived insights in a meaningful and successful manner.

It is a unique and innovative-by-design postgraduate degree that combines both managerial and technical aspects around the data science field. Particular emphasis is given to participants acquiring practical skills for implementing data science solutions, as well as enhancing their decision-making capabilities in Information Technology from a data science perspective.

The curriculum is designed to transform the participants into data scientists and equip them with the knowledge and skillset required to contribute and compete in the rapidly advancing data-driven economy.

The MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics is designed for

  • University graduates interested in pursuing a career in data science and business analytics
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and broaden their skill-set in the fields of data science, business intelligence and data-driven decision making.
  • Entrepreneurs who aim to start a new business or grow an existing one by enhancing it with data-related components and capabilities
  • Decision-makers, leaders and managers interested in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill-set in the field of data science and business intelligence in order to be able to compete on analytics rather than on intuition alone.
  • Life-long learners interested in broadening their knowledge in the new field of data science and business analytics

Why CIIM MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Skills Acquisition: Participants acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and practical experience for the entire data science lifecycle. Participants will undergo the data-scientist transformation as to be in a position to compete successfully in the digital economy.

Practical: The program is delivered from experienced faculty drawn from leading universities and practitioners with an extensive professional experience in the data science field. Particular emphasis will be given to learning and practicing with state-of-the-art tools and programming libraries used in the areas of data-storage and processing (including Big Data), as well as computational statistics and machine learning-based techniques.

International: A state-of-the-art curriculum is taught by world-class faculty with international business experience as advisors, consultants and practitioners; the international dimension is further enhanced by collaborations with leading world universities which are world leaders in the area.

Flexibility: The distinct features of the programme, rolling-admission, flexible start dates, modular structure and modern learning techniques, enable you to obtain the qualification you need for your career development while balancing needs of life, work, and study.

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BIDA Programme Director

“Data is characterised as the oil of the 21st century and the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics equips the students with all necessary knowledge and diverse skillset to compete in the newly formed digital economy”

Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis
Director of MSc in Business Intelligence& Data Analytics