Master of Public Sector Management Programme Details

Modular Course Structure
A combination of core and elective courses. Courses are of variable length depending on their ECTS credits and students attend one course at a time.

Flexible Selection of Courses
Students can take courses in any sequence throughout the programme to fit their own schedule as long as they have the necessary prerequisites.

ECTS Composition
To graduate, students are required to earn 90 ECTS credits: 72 ECTS from taught core courses and 18 ECTS from taught elective courses or 18 ECTS from a final project work

Rolling Admissions
Students can join CIIM MPSM any time of the year. The Admissions Committee makes recommendations on student admissions to the Programme Committee.

Students can choose to complete their coursework at a rapid pace in 14 months or at a more relaxed pace taking up to a maximum of two years.

Courses are taught during evenings and weekends leaving weekdays free for work.

Admission Requirement

We seek to select highly qualified candidates who are motivated and who will make a positive contribution at CIIM. Our students share a demonstrated capacity for leadership and a desire to affect positive change.

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college
  • Proficiency in the English language evidenced by graduation from an English language institution, or satisfactory score in TOEFL, or IELTS or other standardized language examination.

Programme Table

Core Courses: Total 72 ECTS

Course Code ECTS
Analytical & Functional Skills
Cost Benefit Analysis MP505 9
Managerial Economics MB420 6
Public Finance & Public Policy MP515 9
Quantitative & Qualitative Methods MB730 6
Leadership & People Skills
Communication & Negotiation Skills MB680 6
Ethics, CSR & Sustainability MB540 6
Leading & Managing People & Organisations MB685 6
Digital Transformation & Strategic Thinking
E-Government MP420 9
Strategic Planning for the Public Sector MP430 9
Managing Strategic Change MB515 6
Final Project Workshop MB525
Total ECTS Credits (Core Courses) 72

Elective Courses: Total 18 ECTS

Course Code ECTS
EU Institutions, Policies & Programmes MP500 6
Local Government: Administration, Innovation and Reform MP600 6
Public-Private Partnerships & Regulatory Strategies MP525 6
Project Management MB710 6
Investment and Portfolio Management FB540 6
Developing Leadership and Managing Change HR650 6
Foundations of Business Information Technology BI395 6
Final Project 18
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MPSM Programme Director

“CIIM MPSM is an innovative management education for the public sector”

Dr. Paris Cleanthous
Director of MPSM