Study Field trip to Athens | 14-16 January 2019

Promoting Entrepreneurial Thinking

At CIIM we believe that enriching field-trips contribute to the development of students into career-minded adults who possess additional practical knowledge, have stronger critical-thinking skills and exhibit increased innovative ideas. Consequently, CIIM’s classroom teaching is annually culminated by field-trip experiences. During the international field-trips, our students have an opportunity to meet local professionals, researchers, managers and innovators from multiple walks-of-life.

Innovation in Athens

On our most recent study field-trip, 19 of our students from Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour Programme, MBA, MSc Business Management and MS Finance programmes, supervised by Prof Takis Stylianides (Director of HRM & OB Programme), flew to Athens, Greece for a 3-day trip packed with meetings and activities.

The theme of this trip was entrepreneurship and innovation, and during their time in Athens, the students visited 9 innovative companies, that exist in different business sectors. Each of these visits comprised of a detailed presentation, followed by an open discussion with our students by the companies’ representatives.

The companies / sectors:

– The Cube Athens: incubators-accelerators

PRAXI / Help-Forward Network: technology transfer

IQbility: incubators-accelerators

PJ Tech Catalyst Fund: information & communication technology

Egg: incubators-accelerators

PollFish: mobile app platform

-Avocarrot: monetization platform

I-sieve technologies limited: online media analysis

Apivita: holistic health

Learning and Fun

As usual, our trips not only delve in education, but there was also time for additional activities, such as a visit to theatres, sightseeing, and of course, shopping. On the last evening the group danced and celebrated their trip, at a delightful local restaurant.

“It was very interesting and useful to meet with professionals and listen about their story of success. Sharing knowledge and practical cases definitely bring a lot of value to the education process.”

Maksim Ruzaev, CIIM MBA Student