International Award for CIIM Professor


Διαβάστε εδώ την Ελληνική έκδοση > International Award for CIIM Professor CIIM - Cyprus International Institute of Management is proud to announce that Dr Olga Kandinskaia, a full-time resident faculty at CIIM, has received a prestigious award by NACRA – Best Case Gold Award - for the business case written in joint authorship with Belgian Professor Dr Nancy Huyghebaert. NACRA, the North American Case Research Association, is the top global academic case research body. It holds the annual conference each October as the forum to present best newly written business cases in different management disciplines. Dr Kandinskaia presented the finance [...]

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Performance-Based Pay System in the Banking Sector


Διαβάστε εδώ την Ελληνική έκδοση > Performance-Based Pay System in the Banking Sector By Dr. George Theocharides In recent period we have experienced a fallout between the main banks (BoC, Hellenic Bank) and the union of bank employees (ΕΤΥΚ) that resulted in strikes. There were a number of reasons for this fallout but certainly a major reason/obstacle is the demand by the banks to enforce a performance-based pay system. So, why such an insistence by the banks? Is it really needed now or can the banks wait for its implementation? Who will benefit from such a system? I will attempt to [...]

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Should Corporate Tax be Raised or Not?


Should Corporate Tax be Raised or Not? By Dr. George Theocharides Corporate tax, and in general the "benevolent" tax regime of Cyprus, has been one of our comparative advantages as a country for several decades. Because of this system an important sector of the economy, that of services, was created which for several years has helped to create thousands of jobs but also contributed a lot towards the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A suggestion was put forward by the government recently to raise the corporate tax rate, but due of the fear of destabilization, both the organized social groups and [...]

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Zorbas Live Case Project 2019


CIIM-Zorbas MBM Student Project: Learning by Doing Applying the START WITH WHY theory to ‘real life’ business challenges Three teams of the CIIM MSc Business Management (MBM) students successfully completed a ‘live’ business case project for Zorbas Group, a leading local fast-growing group of bakeries and restaurants that has recently embarked also on an ambitious global expansion. Congratulations to the members of the winning team: Athina Katiri, Elena Georgiou, and Maria Petrou! Recent trends in business education emphasize the importance of “Learning by Doing”. As Benjamin Franklin famously wrote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, [...]

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4 advantages of rolling admissions


CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management, which is a pioneer international business school, introduced - since its foundation, the rolling-admissions system combined with the modular education. What is CIIM’s rolling-admissions system? At CIIM, we evaluate applications as they are received. This means that prospective students can apply all year round while the evaluation process is quick. Why choosing rolling-admissions? The advantages are numerous and they provide prospective students with various opportunities. What are the advantages? 1. A quick process The process is quick. Here at CIIM, we assess an application as soon as it’s received and within 5 working days [...]

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A brief analysis of the report on the collapse of the Cooperative Credit System


Διαβάστε εδώ την Ελληνική έκδοση > A brief analysis of the report on the collapse of the Cooperative Credit System By Dr. George Theocharides Since the report on the collapse of the Cooperative Credit System (CRS) came out a few weeks ago, a lot had been said and written about it, especially about the responsibilities that should be taken by the “culprits” of the recent economic “catastrophe”. I decided not to discuss or write anything about this but only after I had the time to read carefully the 844 pages of this report! A task that took me several days to [...]

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Study Field Trip (Athens 2019)


Study Field trip to Athens | 14-16 January 2019 Promoting Entrepreneurial Thinking At CIIM we believe that enriching field-trips contribute to the development of students into career-minded adults who possess additional practical knowledge, have stronger critical-thinking skills and exhibit increased innovative ideas. Consequently, CIIM’s classroom teaching is annually culminated by field-trip experiences. During the international field-trips, our students have an opportunity to meet local professionals, researchers, managers and innovators from multiple walks-of-life. Innovation in Athens On our most recent study field-trip, 19 of our students from Human Resource Management & Organisational Behaviour Programme, MBA, MSc Business Management and MS Finance [...]

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Cypriot Banking Sector Review 2018


Assessing the current state of the Cypriot banking sector, one could say that 2018 was a year that substantial progress has been achieved yet still some major problems remain. Maybe the manner that this progress has been achieved was not as expected, but objectively looking the banking system is more resilient, strong, and solid now than at the beginning of the year. Undoubtedly, the shutting down of the state-owned Cooperative Central Bank (CCB) last summer was probably the highlight of the year. After a history of almost 100 years, its license to operate as a commercial bank was withdrawn at [...]

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MBM – Practical Learning via Live Case Projects


Three teams of the CIIM MSc Business Management students successfully completed a ‘live’ case project to help develop a marketing strategy for a new painkiller made by Medochemie, the Limassol-based pharmaceutical giant that has disproved the often-heard excuse that Cyprus is too small to manufacture and export products to the global market. Our sincere congratulations to the winning team: Leana El Daccache, George Kakourides, Sara Demetriou and Ioannis Yianni! The latest FT Business Education issue on Masters in Management Ranking 2018 emphasizes the growing importance of hands-on experience and other ways to make learning truly engaging and stimulating. The opening [...]

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7+1 benefits of attending a company visit as an MBM student


A blog post written by Nikos Vardouniotis As part of the core course entitled Career and Industry Seminars of the MBM – MSc in Business Management programme, students have the opportunity to attend visits to CIIM’s partner companies such as Hermes Airports Ltd, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Limited, Medochemie, Hyperion, Zorbas Bakeries, The purpose of the visits   is to give the students the opportunity to Learn by Doing through meeting, engaging and interacting with the management teams and the top-level executives of the companies. The 3rd company visit for the academic year 2017 – 2018, took place on 26.01.2018 where [...]

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