Study Field Trip (Athens 2019)

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Study Field trip to Athens | 14-16 January 2019 Promoting Entrepreneurial Thinking At CIIM we believe that enriching field-trips contribute to the development of students into career-minded adults who possess additional practical knowledge, have stronger critical-thinking skills and exhibit increased innovative ideas. Consequently, CIIM’s classroom teaching is annually culminated by field-trip experiences. During the international field-trips, [...]

Cypriot Banking Sector Review 2018

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Assessing the current state of the Cypriot banking sector, one could say that 2018 was a year that substantial progress has been achieved yet still some major problems remain. Maybe the manner that this progress has been achieved was not as expected, but objectively looking the banking system is more resilient, strong, and solid now than [...]

MBM – Practical Learning via Live Case Projects

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Three teams of the CIIM MSc Business Management students successfully completed a ‘live’ case project to help develop a marketing strategy for a new painkiller made by Medochemie, the Limassol-based pharmaceutical giant that has disproved the often-heard excuse that Cyprus is too small to manufacture and export products to the global market. Our sincere congratulations to [...]

7+1 benefits of attending a company visit as an MBM student

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A blog post written by Nikos Vardouniotis As part of the core course entitled Career and Industry Seminars of the MBM – MSc in Business Management programme, students have the opportunity to attend visits to CIIM’s partner companies such as Hermes Airports Ltd, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Limited, Medochemie, Hyperion, Zorbas Bakeries, The purpose [...]

How to use Nudge Theory for business success

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An article written by Dr Olga Kandinskaia As someone with a keen interest in the business management science, I always keep an eye on the latest decision-making theories. Simply speaking, making a decision is rarely easy. Or at least if we are talking of a good decision. To make a good decision, we need to [...]

CIIM MBA – An Alumnus’ perspective – Go for Gold!

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CIIM asks Captain VS Parani - who joined the CIIM MBA in 2013 on his experience during the programme. Captain VS Parani, MBA, LLM, FNI, FICS, CMarTech-IMarEST is an executive at a multinational shipping company in Limassol and is also the author of the Golden Stripes-Leadership on the High Seas, the world’s first book on leadership [...]

CIIM’s Study Field Trip to Athens (Jan 2018)

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation At CIIM we believe that the best way to develop your field-skills is to immerse yourself in the environment. That is why CIIM organises at least three field-trips abroad, mainly to USA, Greece and Israel, every academic year.  One of CIIM’s educational goals is to develop students' Entrepreneurship and innovation skills, while exposing [...]

Cyprus Blockchain Technologies joins the ISO/TC 307 as participating member

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Cyprus Blockchain Technologies joins the ISO/TC 307 as participating member The Cyprus Blockchain Technologies Ltd. is a non-profit organisation established as a collaboration among academic institutions, including University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) and CIIM - The Cyprus International Institute of Management, banks (including Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank), as well [...]

There are Reasons for the New Scepticism on Free Trade and Globalization

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One of the oldest and most widely held economic theories is that international trade is a win-win situation. Through the benefits of international specialization, all parties to agreements which extend free trade can “win”.  This is the theoretical basis for free trade and globalization. It has become so widely accepted that it’s support has become almost [...]

How the Telecom Industry Could Benefit from Predictive Analytics

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Data Mining is the science of uncovering insights, patterns and correlations and discovering meaningful information from mounds of data that exists in various forms, structured and un-structured. It employs techniques from a diverse set of scientific fields including computational statistics, machine learning, deep learning, mathematics, data processing, visualisations, business intelligence and many others. Data science or [...]