Career Impact

The BSc in Economics provides students with important skills, such as, problem solving, critical thinking, analytical, research and management skills. These skills prepare students for continued study in graduate schools in economics, business, and other fields and for employment in a wide variety of occupations in the private or in the public sector or in supranational organizations, such as, the European Central Bank, IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. The skills and competencies that they will acquire from the program, which is focused on action learning, will enable them to pursue employment in one of the following professions, among others:

  • Data analyst
  • Economist with a bank or business
  • Economist in the public sector
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Investment analyst
  • Risk analyst
  • Economic analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Statistical analyst

Furthermore, graduates are fully equipped to pursue an academic career by pursuing postgraduates degrees in the Master’s and PhD levels, as well as be employed in Universities or Research Centers/Institutes.

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