BSc in Economics Programme Overview

The BSc in Economics prepares students for employment in a variety of occupations in business or government, and for continued study in graduate schools in economics, business, and other fields. This programme analyses how scarce resources are allocated, emphasizing the importance of making choices between competing alternatives. The programme provides tools to make choices in such areas as consumer and firm behaviour, employment, price stability, trade, international finance, economic growth, public finance & public policy.

Students will acquire a solid background in economics that prepares them to continue their studies in economics or to specialize in disciplines such as accounting, finance, banking, marketing, risk management and more. With such knowledge the economics graduates can pursue a career in civil service, banking, education, research or the opportunity to claim attractive jobs worldwide.

With the completion of the BSc in Economics, students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of microeconomic and macroeconomic terminology, concepts, and theories.
  • Acquire analytical and quantitative skills and the ability to carry out independent research.
  • Explain basic estimators and their properties, estimate economic models using data, test hypotheses, forecast, and interpret estimates.
  • Use critical thinking to analyse economic problems and discuss alternative views in economic policy debates
  • Integrate theory and practical application to find solutions to real-world economic problems.

Why UoL BSc in Economics

  • Excellent local and international reputation as an institution with world-class programs
  • 33-years’ experience in delivering high-calibre postgraduate education
  • A culture of academic excellence and market relevance
  • World-class resident faculty and visiting international faculty from top world universities
  • Small class sizes provide active interaction between students and faculty
  • The program content follows international best practice but also incorporates courses from business and computing.
  • Close monitoring of student progression and assistance for encountered difficulties
  • Versatile degree combining theory, practical knowledge application, shaping personality and grooming students to face the business world with confidence.
  • Hands-on experience and network-building opportunities, enabling students to map their values and passions to meaningful career paths.
  • Over 3,000 academic degree alumni many in key leadership positions in government and business, 20,000 executive education alumni and strong business connections provide internships for students and jobs for graduates
  • Ideal location in Limassol, a rapidly growing city with a large number of international companies and sizable expatriate community
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