A few years ago, I had just finished my degree in Communication and Internet Studies. In my 23rd year in life and graduating during a period of financial crisis, I was uncertain of which career-path to follow. Partly because, today, a Bachelor’s degree is just the beginning of a journey, it does not carry the weight it did some years ago. Both my classmates and friends were already planning their Master’s degree, even before entering the final year of their studies.

I decided to take a more practical approach, going directly into a 3-month summer internship, where I could get a taste of the marketing industry, while I was looking into my other options. And that was when I stumbled upon the MSc Management programme offered by the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Doing my research, I realized that CIIM was considered a prestigious institution for post-graduate studies, and as a result, I immediately dived into the opportunity.

zorbas_company_visitMy summer internship gave me a glimpse of the Cypriot job market, how employers value a personal introduction from their network above all and practical experience was almost as important. And that was what I got from CIIM. The opportunity to network with my peers and employers, an internship to gain work experience, and the push to compete in Entrepreneurship/Start-up events which led me to work on personal projects.

Still, my most vivid memories came from the Company Visits I attended. The visits to Zorbas, Medochemie and Hyperion Systems Engineering, where we, as a class, met the CEO’s of local-based international and successful companies. After a visit to the facilities, we had the chance to discuss and ask questions to top managers in awe-inspiring organisations. Even now, those memories give me a chill of excitement.

But the experiences I earned did not end there. Flexibility equals more possibilities. And when I found a trainee-ship in a PR company, I changed my status from a full-time to a part-time student. Having only afternoon lessons, gave me a unique opportunity to work and study simultaneously while also giving me the freedom to pursue some personal projects when the trainee-ship ended.
Among my projects, were my website/blog and an attempt to a start-up called Racorto! An attempt that challenged me to put into practice my academic knowledge.


At CIIM, I learned how to manage a business in both theory and practise. While academic knowledge opens your mind, the practical experience of joining several events on entrepreneurship and like-minded competitions, one of them being ENTICE’s competition, the accelerator programme of CIIM. I got into the process of creating my own business, even if the attempt was not successful, the experience was invaluable.

Now, after graduating from CIIM’s MSc Management, I find myself having a prestigious Master’s degree, work and start-up experience along with a valuable network of professionals, all potential partners, colleagues or a potential employer. In a challenging economy, I find myself more employable than my contemporaries using the knowledge and skills I have acquired on an everyday basis.

Nick Malekos
MSc Management Graduate 2015
Digital Marketer – Event Planner – Youth Trainer