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Surprisingly, we saw a portion of the press publishing, transmitting, and reproducing unaccountable and libellous information about CIIM – The Cyprus International Institute of Management. In response to these publications, CIIM states the following:

  1. CIIM had absolutely no connection and involvement with examinations for appointments in public education.
  2. CIIM has been offering the Master in Educational Leadership and Management for 10 years, taught in part by visiting professors from Cyprus and abroad, as done with all the School’s programs for 27 years. All lecturers in CIIM’s academic programs are selected on the basis of international practices and with only criteria their research record and academic excellence. Visiting teachers teach 3-10 days a year and their work is regularly reported in the data submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture. The last update was made with the submission of the CIIM Teaching Staff Directory to the Ministry, on 30/10/2017 for the Nicosia branch and on 1/11/2017 for the Limassol branch.
  3. Guest professors have no other relationship with the School whatsoever and are not considered CIIM’s employees. If their employer requires permission to guest-lecture, this is something that concerns the teachers themselves and their individual employer, and in no case it concerns CIIM. This is happening everywhere in the world; this is the established international practice.
  4. The Executive Education Centre of CIIM, unrelated to the Master’s Program in Educational Leadership and Management, offered during the period June – September, 2017, re-enforcement courses requested by our graduates, to prepare them for the examinations. The courses, which were open to all, were taught by the coordinator and six teachers as follows: Two teachers on contract, a retiree, a non-educational psychologist, a teacher licensed by the Ministry of Education and a volunteer teacher, without pay, who presented his research findings. These courses attended by a total of 66 people, out of the 5,000 candidates who sat the New System of Appointment examinations. There was absolutely no communication or relationship whatsoever between the teachers, the coordinator, the Executive Education Center or the CIIM Director with the examinations of the Ministry of Education.
  5. In October 2017, when the above re-enforcement seminars had already finished, the CIIM as part of its social responsibility and contribution, invited, by posting on social media and SMS reminder (10/30/2017), the unemployed teachers in an open discussion of their future, giving them pro bono advice on alternative jobs,  on how to create  their own job or business, along with a special offer for all postgraduate programs of the School, including the Master’s  in Educational Leadership and Administration, for those still interested in education. No mention or offer was made regarding the reinforcement seminars which had, in any case, finished in September, 2017. Unfortunately, instead of praise for the free of charge advice and reduced Master’s tuition to unemployed teachers we received unsubstantiated and malicious attacks.
  6. It should be that CIIM is a non-profit higher education institution. It is internationally distinguished not only for its academic excellence and professional success of its graduates, but also for the ethical values ​​and moral principles, as well as its social responsibility and contribution to the economy during the past 27 years, without the slightest scandal or suspicion.

CIIM attributes the undocumented and defamatory information in the media to malicious misinformation.  This press release is issued to restore the truth. It is, of course, puzzling that this issue arises only a short time after CIIM received several international recognitions and distinctions, which rate it as the best business school in Cyprus and among the best in Europe.