Admission Requirements

  • High school leaving certificate with a minimum grade of 16/20 (for public schools) or 80 (for private schools) OR Three GSE A Level with grades ABB OR International Baccalaureate with a minimum of 32 points.
  • Proficiency in the English language: IELTS with at least 5.5 OR graduation from English-language high-school
  • Strong quantitative background.
  • Satisfactory Personal Statement on application.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate students are required to earn 240 ECTS credits as follows:

  • 150 ECTS from core courses from the Bachelor in Computer Science
  • 15 ECTS from the Bachelor in Economics
  • 45 ECTS from the Bachelor in Business Administration
  • 30 ECTS from a thesis or from 4 elective courses from the Bachelor in Economics or the Bachelor in Business Administration

Programme Structure

Year 1 Modules
Fall Semester
Foundations of Business Information Technologies CS101 7.5
Mathematics I CS111 7.5
Microeconomics EC101 7.5
Personal & Professional Development BA101 7.5
Spring Semester
Fundamentals of Computer Science CS121 7.5
Statistics I CS131 7.5
Programming I CS141 7.5
Communication Skills BA111 7.5
Year 2 Modules
Fall Semester
Programming II CS201 7.5
Mathematics II CS211 7.5
Management of Information Systems CS221 7.5
Ethics & Social Responsibility BA201 7.5
Spring Semester
Algorithms, Data Structures & Databases CS231 7.5
Software Design and Development CS241 7.5
Digital Transformation CS251 7.5
Innovation & Entrepreneurship BA221 7.5
Year 3 Modules
Fall Semester
Cloud Computing & Database Management CS301 7.5
Object Oriented Programming CS311 7.5
Machine Learning, Data Mining & Business Analytics CS321 7.5
Project Management BA341 7.5
Spring Semester
Operating Systems CS331 7.5
Complexity Theory CS341 7.5
Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning CS351 7.5
Corporate Finance BA331 7.5
Year 4 Modules
Fall Semester
Networks & The Internet of Things CS401 7.5
Blockchain & Emerging Financial Technologies (FinTech) CS411 7.5
Computer & Internet Security CS421 7.5
Research Methods EC401 7.5
Spring Semester
Thesis OR 30
BA or EC Four courses from other Bachelor Programs (BA or EC) 7.5 X 4
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