CIIM’s Study Field Trip to Athens (Jan 2018)


At CIIM we believe that the best way to develop your field-skills is to immerse yourself in the environment. That is why CIIM organises at least three field-trips abroad, mainly to USA, Greece and Israel, every academic year.  One of CIIM’s educational goals is to develop students' Entrepreneurship and innovation skills, while exposing them to new surroundings.  Through these field- trips, our students visit start-up companies and incubators-accelerators to have the opportunity to directly interact with entrepreneurs and learn what it takes to put their innovative ideas into practice. Entrepreneurship in Athens On our most recent study field trip, 21 of [...]

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Why study business management and why choose MBM


In the hyper-competitive job market of today a postgraduate degree in business management has become a required qualification for employment in jobs that university graduates would find appealing and rewarding. Fields that were in high demand a few years ago are now saturated and many graduates are unable to secure the job they have targeted with their first degree. They are seeking to discover new opportunities in the private and public sector to secure gainful employment with good career prospects. Here at  CIIM - Cyprus International Institute of Management, with 27+ years in management education, we have designed and tested over [...]

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