Covid-19 Business Transformation: Three-Phase Journey


The covid-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented disruptions upon the operations of a vast majority of businesses worldwide. Of course, not everyone is cursing the virus: big online retailers, pharmaceuticals, social media giants, food delivery platforms, online video conferencing companies are flourishing like never before. But for most businesses these are indeed very challenging, if not critical, times. For almost a year now, the focus of business leaders has naturally been all about business survival, yet as the pandemic unfolds, there has never been a more urgent need for companies to rethink and reconfigure their strategy in the new world of the [...]

Covid-19 Business Transformation: Three-Phase Journey2021-02-05T12:56:57+00:00

How to use Nudge Theory for Business Success


An article written by Dr Olga Kandinskaia As someone with a keen interest in the business management science, I always keep an eye on the latest decision-making theories. Simply speaking, making a decision is rarely easy. Or at least if we are talking of a good decision. To make a good decision, we need to be able to collect, interpret and analyse a load of information, and at the same time not to lose track of our goals. Management education is dedicated to this purpose of improving real life management decisions, applying the principles of management science to the current business [...]

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