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Online Research Seminar
3:00 pm, Thursday, 14 April 2022

This study examined the criterion-related validity of all 16 LTSI General and Specific Scales in relation to training transfer by analyzing secondary data that included measures of key transfer system variables, as captured by the LTSI scales, and individual training transfer as indicated by supervisory ratings. The dataset comprised of employees from diverse organizations who had participated in different types of organizational instructor-led classroom training programs.

Confirmatory factor analyses supported the construct validity of the LTSI General and Specific Scales (N = 619). Hierarchical multiple regression analysis measured the unique impact of four sets of variables (i.e., secondary influences, motivation factors, ability/enabling factors, and work environment factors) on training transfer as measured by the difference score between supervisory pre- and post-training ratings indicating the frequency in which trainees utilized the behaviors on-the-job taught in training (N = 202). Results suggested that as a group the LTSI factors explained 10.3 percent of variance in training transfer. Performance outcome expectations emerged as the only significant predictor.

Overall, the results supported the notion that the transfer system as a complex of factors is important in explaining training transfer. However, the modest variance in training transfer explained by the LTSI factors in this study should be interpreted in light of the study’s limitations. Avenues for future research are discussed.

Testing the Predictive Validity of the Learning Transfer System Inventory using Supervisory Ratings research paper

About the speaker

Dr. Vicky Katsioloudes is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Leadership Development & Organizational Psychology at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). She is also the Director of the MSc Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior program at CIIM.

Vicky has received her Ph.D. in Human Resource Leadership Development from Louisiana State University and her M.Sc. in Social Organizational Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has experience teaching courses in the areas of leadership, management, and human resources at the graduate, undergraduate, and executive education level. She thoroughly enjoys designing and teaching face-to-face, online, and blended courses. Her current research interests lie into two streams: employee training and development with a focus on learning transfer from workplace training, and the pedagogy of leadership development. Her research has been published in The Leadership Quarterly and The Journal of Leadership Education. She is actively involved in the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Besides her academic experience at West Chester University of Pennsylvania as an Assistant Professor of Management, Vicky has extensive industry experience in the Human Resource Development field and has worked in diverse cultural settings including the United Kingdom, different parts of the United States, Greece, and Cyprus. Previous positions she has held include that of an E-learning Program Coordinator at a major bank in Athens, Greece; a Training & Development Manager at Louisiana Workforce Commission in Louisiana, United States; and, more recently, an HR Manager of a newly founded research center in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Vicky is passionate about employee support and development and as a Human Resource Leadership Development educator aims to foster reflective professionals who will advance the field and make a positive impact in business and society.