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Doron Sonsino

Doron Sonsino
Full Professor of Economics & Finance

Doron Sonsino has a PhD in Business Economics from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and holds an MSc in Operations Research (with excellence) from Tel-Aviv University Management School. Doron’s main current research field is the financial decision of private investors. In recent projects, Doron and his co-authors use framed-field experiments and surveys to explore the financial decision of finance students and professionals. The data is analyzed in light of formal models of choice under uncertainty and hypotheses stemming from the finance and psychology of decision-making literatures. In particular, Doron’s recent projects explore the valuation of retail-oriented structured investment instruments and issues related to forecast-confidence, overconfidence and trading propensity. Doron has published in top academic journals such as, Management Science, Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Journal. He currently serves as the Associate Editor at the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.


Retail investors’ preferences over structured products

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Confidence and overconfidence in financial decision

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Learning and impossibility of trading

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Financial decision

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Individual decision

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Diverse topics and older papers

Jansson, M., Hemlin, S., Sonsino, D., and Trönnberg, C. C. (2021). Investment Beliefs and Portfolio Risk-Taking—A Comparison between Industry Professionals and Non-Professionals. In Behavioral Finance: A Novel Approach, Edited by Itzhak Venezia (pp. 239-266)

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  • FB540 – International Finance & Currency Markets
  • FB445 – Investment and Portfolio Management