Erasmus Partner Institutions

The Cyprus International Institute of Management is establishing a wide range of partner institutions to facilitate the Erasmus programme. Collaboration with these institutions involves international activities such as student, faculty and staff exchanges under the Erasmus programme as well as the development of joint academic programmes, research collaboration and other collaborative initiatives.

Partner institutions under the Erasmus programme must have a signed Bilateral Agreement in order for the student, faculty and staff mobility to take place. The bilateral agreement between two institutions indicates the academic programmes under which the exchange can be made and the number of students, faculty or staff places eligible for exchange.

Staff mobility and training may take the form of a short specialized training courses, job-shadowing, attendance at workshops or at a Staff Training Week at other universities. The purpose of Outgoing Staff Mobility is the training of the staff, based on their subject field, the transfer of knowledge and good practice, learning from shared experience, the acquiring of new practical skills and implementing those, after their training, to their work at CIIM. As well as benefit the individual’s professional development, Erasmus+ Staff Mobility is intended to contribute to the wider internationalization and modernization strategies of CIIM.


  • Ecole de Management de Normandie: 9, rue Claude Bloch 14052 Caen Cedex 4, France
    Erasmus ID Code: F-LEHAVR04
  • Ecole de Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Pau: 3 Rue Saint-John Perse, 64000 Pau, France
    Erasmus ID Code: F PAU 124
    Erasmus Contact: Ms. Veronique Boulloud, International Relations Office,
  • ESCE International Business School: 10 rue Sextius Michel, 75015 Paris, FRANCE
    Erasmus ID Code: F PARIS213
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: Sonnemannstraße 9-11, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
    Erasmus ID Code: D FRANKFU07
  • IESEG School of Management: Lille campus: 3, rue de la Digue – F-59000 LILLE – FRANCE
    Erasmus ID Code: F LILLE 11
  • International School of Management (ISM): Otto-Hahn-Strasse 19, 44227 Dortmund – GERMANY
    Erasmus ID Code: D DORTMUN04
  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences: Rajakatu 35, FI-40101 Jyväskylä, Finland
    Erasmus ID Code: SF JYVASKY11
  • Kozminski University: Jagiellonska 57-59 ST., 03-301 Warsaw, POLAND
    Erasmus ID Code: PLWARSZAW21
  • Polish Open University: Lille campus: ul. Domaniewska 37a, 02-672 Warsaw, Poland
    Erasmus ID Code: PL WARSZAW16
  • Universidad de Jaén: Campus Las Lagunillas, Ed. Rectorado, s/n E2-23071 Jaen, Spain
    Erasmus ID Code: EJAEN01
Interested in becoming a Partner Institution?

CIIM is open to receiving inquiries from institutions interested in conducting a bilateral agreement under the Erasmus programme.
To submit a request contact the CIIM Erasmus Office.