Erasmus+, Valencia, Spain – Ekaterini Kyriakou, MSc Management


While flying above the clouds, coming back home from Spain I felt like I already missed this country, this town, the people. I went for a four months internship, for an 8-hour work schedule, new city, friends from all over the world, excursions, parties, trips and countless adventures! The European Union gives the opportunity to students and graduates to gain practical experience abroad and opportunities that are not to be missed! Working in a foreign country is very important, even if it is for a short period. Personally, I had the opportunity to work in a start-up company where I learned [...]

Erasmus+, Valencia, Spain – Ekaterini Kyriakou, MSc Management2016-04-25T17:12:01+03:00

“My Erasmus Experience” by Chara Frangou – continued.


My prominent love for travel has urged me to apply for the CIIM Erasmus+ Placement programme. After completing a year in CIIM I started looking more actively about my options. This August I came across an interesting internship opportunity and I had finally decided to go on an adventure abroad. Adventure, this is how I call my internship since it was as exciting and challenging as I had expected. Going abroad for studies is definitely different than going abroad for an internship. I would dare to say that it’s a much more valuable experience since you actually put in practice everything [...]

“My Erasmus Experience” by Chara Frangou – continued.2016-02-02T17:25:04+02:00


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