MBM – Practical Learning via Live Case Projects


Three teams of the CIIM MSc Business Management students successfully completed a ‘live’ case project to help develop a marketing strategy for a new painkiller made by Medochemie, the Limassol-based pharmaceutical giant that has disproved the often-heard excuse that Cyprus is too small to manufacture and export products to the global market. Our sincere congratulations to the winning team: Leana El Daccache, George Kakourides, Sara Demetriou and Ioannis Yianni! The latest FT Business Education issue on Masters in Management Ranking 2018 emphasizes the growing importance of hands-on experience and other ways to make learning truly engaging and stimulating. The opening [...]

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Why study business management and why choose MBM


In the hyper-competitive job market of today a postgraduate degree in business management has become a required qualification for employment in jobs that university graduates would find appealing and rewarding. Fields that were in high demand a few years ago are now saturated and many graduates are unable to secure the job they have targeted with their first degree. They are seeking to discover new opportunities in the private and public sector to secure gainful employment with good career prospects. Here at  CIIM - Cyprus International Institute of Management, with 27+ years in management education, we have designed and tested over [...]

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