To facilitate International Research in CIIM by:

  • Efficiently and effectively identifying funding sources;
  • ssisting in proposal development and consortia building;
  • Reviewing and endorsing proposals;
  • Assisting in the negotiation of grants and funding agreements, and;
  • Interpreting guidelines and promoting compliance with funding agencies and CIIM policies in collaboration with other relevant CIIM administrative units, resident and visiting faculty, and other CIIM personnel involved in research projects.


  1. Identifying international funding opportunities and notifying the CIIM research community about these opportunities and their application guidelines.
  2. Advising the CIIM community regarding European and international funding agencies’ rules, regulations and procedures.
  3. Assisting CIIM researchers with the preparation and submission of high quality research proposals, including building a consortium.
  4. Assuring compliance with all applicable international sponsor / funding agency regulations and CIIM policies and procedures.
  5. Assisting in grant agreement and contract negotiations.
  6. Helping with the procedural management of active research projects.
  7. Disseminating project results and ensuring the protection of any intellectual property developed during the project (through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, ENTICE.)
  8. Training CIIM faculty and staff members on the preparation and submission of quality proposals.