Target Audience & Career Impact

The Programme’s courses have been strategically chosen to meet the needs of the industry and the requirements of employers in the shipping industry, and at the same time provide cutting-edge knowledge at the forefront of new developments in international shipping. The program is unique in the region and possibly globally in being designed to cater to the needs of participants and employers through purely shipping-related courses.

There are three major groups of candidates that will find this programme particularly attractive.

  1. The first group includes people that are currently employed in the shipping industry and require further higher education or specialization in order to enhance their skills and further their careers. Many of the employees in shipping may not have had the opportunity to receive specialized shipping education or require postgraduate shipping education to enhance their career prospects (e.g. ex seafarers embarking on a career ashore).
  2. The second group consists of fresh graduates from other disciplines other than shipping. Market intelligence suggests that most applicants for shipping-related education are fresh graduates from various disciplines including business administration, law, economics, the social sciences as well as from mathematics and engineering. The distance learning nature of the program, as well as its focus solely on shipping education, renders this program particularly attractive
  3. The third group of candidates are overseas graduates or working professionals that would be looking for cutting edge focused shipping education to enhance their career and employment prospects

Employability of Graduates

The graduates of the program have great potential for local and international careers in international shipping and maritime logistics.

  • It is envisaged that a significant part of the students enrolled in the program will be already employed in the maritime industry and will be seeking to enhance their career prospects, skills and knowledge by enrolling on the on-line degree.
  • Cyprus-based participants will have the opportunity for employment locally in the numerous shipping and ship management companies as Cyprus is regarded among the top three global ship management centres. Employability prospects are great as hundreds of skilled and educated graduates are employed locally every year, the ship management companies rightly regarded as among the best employers on the island.
  • Greece-based participants will have the opportunity to be employed in the number one ship-owning nation of the world in addition to the option of pursuing an international career.
  • A distance learning degree of this nature provides great opportunities for participants from the Indian, Chinese and other market that currently present huge opportunities.
  • An international distance-learning degree of this nature provides great opportunities for participants from other European & Middle Eastern countries as well as from India, China and other Asian markets that currently present huge and growing opportunities in their shipping and maritime sectors.
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