Programme Director

Dr Andrey Afanasiev is the Programme Director of the MSc in Financial Services and Associate Professor of Finance and Risk Management at the CIIM. He also serves as the principal contact at the CIIM of the University Affiliation Program provided by the CFA Institute.

Dr Afanasiev received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Steklov Institute of Mathematics in 1993. The name of his thesis is “On asymptotic properties of binary statistical experiments”, advisor Prof. Albert Shiryaev. He continued his studies and received his Ph.D. in Finance from Institute of Economics RAS in 2003. The name of his thesis is “Methodological foundations and mechanisms of banks operations in derivatives markets”, advisors Prof. Vyacheslav Senchagov and Prof. Viktor Rudko-Silivanov. He has previous teaching experience at the Pacific State University of Economics, Russia.

Dr Andrey Afanasiev has more than 25 years of experience in international banking and risk management. For nearly 10 years Dr Afanasiev was the Head of Risk Management in RCB Bank Ltd., which is a European systemically important financial institution operating in Cyprus. His expertise in Financial Services is based on a unique combination of solid academic background and extensive international experience (Europe, Emerging Markets and Gulf countries). He is also FRM (Financial Risk Manager) certified from Global Association for Risk Professionals and PRM (Professional Risk Manager) certified from Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.

Dr Afanasiev research and teaching interests are in the field of investments, financial and derivatives markets, stochastic finance, risk modelling methods and, artificial intelligence and machine learning with applications in Financial Services. He has more than 20 scientific publications.

Resident Faculty

  • Andrey Afanasiev, PhD (Russian Academy of Science), Associate Professor of Finance and Risk & Director of MSc Financial Services Programme

  • Olga Kandinskaia, PhD (MGIMO-University, Moscow Russia), Associate Professor of Finance & Director of MSc Business Management Programme

  • Stelios Markoullis, PhD (Cass Business School), Honorary Visiting Research Fellow

  • Paris Cleanthous, PhD (Yale University US), Associate Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Director of Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programme, & Director of Master of Public Sector Management (MPSM) Programme

  • Theodore Panayotou, PhD (University of British Columbia US), Professor of Economics and Ethics & Director and Dean of CIIM

  • Doron Sonsino, Ph.D (Stanford University Graduate School of Business), Full Professor of Economics & Finance

Visiting Faculty

  • Demetrakis Savvides, PhD Candidate (University of Maastricht, NL), Legal Consultant

  • Maria Psillaki, PhD Economics (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis), Professor, Department of Economics, University of Piraeu

  • Nicos Pavlides, LLM, Financial Law, University College London Director NAP Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Konstantinos Kaniouras, LLM University of Heidelberg & Luxembourg; Master in Business Law, Univ. of Mannheim; CySEC Policy Department

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FS Programme Director

MSc in Financial Services is of great value for a career in the world of finance, which is not only challenging and demanding, but rewarding as well.

Dr. Andrey Afanasiev
Director of MSc in Financial Services

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“CIIM MBA is a unique experience… in an increasingly competitive business world”

Dr. Paris Cleanthous

Director of MBA