Target Audience

This program is for new graduates as well as individuals with or without work experience who have a good quantitative background. It is an MSc conversion programme for individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds who may have some or no previous academic training on modern computing. They can be graduates in science, engineering, economics, management, biomedical sciences, and even law. The objective is to upskill and reskill them with digital skills and business applications of computer science. This can help them remain competitive and productive in a modern professional and business environment. They can help their companies with the digital transformation of their internal business processes as well as with the development of digital company policies. The program provides sufficient background and skills to individuals that would like to convert their career to software development and applications.

The program is also appropriate for computer scientists and engineers who have received a traditional training and would like to be updated in modern technologies and follow a career in incorporating and developing comprehensive technological infrastructures for businesses.

Finally, it is intended for employees already working in companies that are interested to improve their qualifications to a level that would qualify them for promotion as well as managers that would like to be informed about modern computer science and be updated on modern business technologies and digital tools.

The aims of the programme are to build:

  • an understanding of the basis of computer science and its importance in software development;
  • an understanding of the underlying principles of computer systems and their applications;
  • an introduction to industrial-style methods of analysis, design, implementation, testing and documentation in software development;
  • an appreciation of the current state and future directions of technological advances in computer science;
  • knowledge and hands-on experience in application of modern information technologies to business as to achieve a comprehensive digital transformation;
  • Developing solutions for business with artificial intelligence such as for big data and decision making.
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“This program upskills and reskills the students in computer science for business technologies. It can help the graduates remain competitive and productive in a modern professional environment and help their businesses with the digital transformation. The program also provides sufficient background to convert to a career on software development or on artificial intelligence.”

Dr. Stathis Hadjidemetriou
Director of MSc in Computer Science & Business Technologies