CIIM’s Interreg: I3 ECO-Entrepreneurial Training in Durres, Albania

Friday 17th May 2019, marked the end of the final workshop for CIIM’s Interreg: i3 project “i3 – Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship”.

The last of a total of five trainings took place in Durres, Albania, organised by our project Partner, Albania Center for Sustainable Development. 10 trainees from each of the project partner’s countries joined specialised entrepreneurial trainings, geared towards the Ecology theme in Albania. The project aims to promote territorial development and cooperation by establishing a model for entrepreneurial training and transfer of knowledge for young entrepreneurs.

The workshop opened with speeches by Ms. Albina Ternova, Albania Center for Sustainable Development Office Manager, as well as i3 Project Coordinator, and field experts; Dr. Entela Kaleshi, Ms. Albana Idershai (Msc.). The three of them emphasized the need for sustainable innovations within this theme, in Albania, and the whole Balkan-Mediterranean region.

For the next three days, the trainees would undergo specific training including; Business-model-creation, value proposition, budgeting and planning, state of the “ECO” sector. The 50 trainees from the partner countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, & Republic of North Macedonia) were divided into five teams that represent all of the countries in each. Sector professionals then mentored the teams in applying innovative approaches and tools to “ECO” themed business ideas, that were created by the teams. The workshop ended with awards for “Most Innovative Idea”, “Best Business Model”, “Best Value Proposition”, and “Best Presentation”.

Besides the valuable tailored knowledge gained through the workshop, the trainees also met a vast network of like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs, as well as having experienced a new cultural involvement in a different country. Before the end of the trip, our Albanian partners organized a short sight-seeing exploration of the beautiful Durres. The Cyprus delegation was led by CIIM’s Mr. George Tryphonos, and i3 Project-Coordinator, Dr. George Guirgis.

“Strikes an ideal balance between theme-specific lecture-based learning, hands-on exercises and networking activities. Packs a lot in a truncated time period.” Kyriacos Nicolaou

“The workshop was incredible! We learned more about the environment with the combination of entrepreneurship and great networking. We created solutions to save the environment.” Marios Parmatzias

“Breaking stereotypes about non-EU countries is important. Working with smiling and hospitable locals in order to understand the culture of a country with great natural resources and potential, is also interesting. Networking with Balkan and Mediterranean countries is ideal to cooperate for climate change challenges we are all exposed to.” Chirstoforos Christoforou