Social Competencies of the future (Workshop)

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The workshop will take place at CIIM Limassol on the 29th and 30th of May
from 5.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

The main goal of the workshop is to present and make the characteristics of social competencies, which are increasingly rewarded by the labour market. Especially high – paying jobs require social competencies, such as teamwork, communication and solving problem skills, negotiation and leadership competencies. In the workshop chosen competencies are going to be discussed. Another aim of the workshop is to identify social competencies of workshop participants.

The workshop will be led by two visiting faculty members from the Poznan University of Technology in Poland Ms. Branowska Agata and Ms. Spychała Małgorzata.
The workshop will take place at CIIM Limassol on the 29th and 30th of May from 5.00 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

To register for the workshop please email: by Friday 25 May 2018

SCHEDULE DAY 1 – 29.05.2018

1. INTRODUCTION – Presentation of lecturers and Poznan University of Technology

2. SOCIAL COMPETENCIES – The characteristic of most important social competencies required by the employers in the future (teamwork, communication competencies, solving problems, negotiation competencies, leadership)


  • Growing popularity of teams in organizations
  • Task related with teamwork
  • Differences between groups and teams
  • Selection of team members
  • Team roles – characteristics

4. Leadership

  • Characteristic of team leader – skills and features
  • Task related with leadership
  • Team leader – tips


  • Motivation of team members
  • How to motivate effectively?

SCHEDULE DAY 2 – 30.05.2018


  • Introduction to conflict resolution
  • Sources of conflict in organizations
  • Task related with conflict resolution competencies
  • Description of conflict management styles (forcing, accommodating, collaborating, compromising, avoiding)


  • How to communicate with employees ?
  • Communication barriers in organizations
  • Task related with communication skills
  • Rules of giving feedback
  • Active listening
  • Improvement of communication skills



SpychałaMałgorzata Spychała is a doctor of technical sciences, assistant of professor at Poznan University of Technology (2006). She specializes in workers’ competences management. She is and has been a member of several scientific and research Polish and international projects – 2012- 2014 – participation in the project: “Combining Ethics, Environment and Profitability in Business”, Erasmus Intensive Program, co-develop and conduct a workshop on the ethics of human resource management; 2012 – Kalajoki Finland; 2013 – Budapest, Hungary, 2014 – Kleve, Germany. 2012 – 2013 – cooperation with the National Chamber of Commerce on the project “Model of competences validation for employees of MSME Wielkopolski municipal sector” – research of municipal sector managers’ professional competences, developing competence profile for the manager of the future. She is running the workshops on human resources management, career counseling, interpersonal communication and negotiation. She is particularly interested in students’ communicative competencies and methods of improving these competencies. Author of tens of publications in Poland and abroad.


Agata Branowska is the lecturer at Poznan University of Technology in Poland, where she teaches Human Resource Management, Interpersonal Communication, Management Ethics and Organizational Behavior. She is also recruitment specialist, responsible for planning and conducting selection processes in organizations and evaluation candidates’ competencies. Agata Branowska received a master degree in sociology and PhD in management. Her thesis was about “Method of staffing process in agile enterprises”. She is interested in concept of human resource management in agile enterprises and corporate social responsibility.