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Rethink-Digital-Marketing-Cover1CIIM recently hosted one of its international faculty’s, Mr. Mike Berry, public lecture on the new trends of Digital Marketing. The lecture had taken place in both Limassol (May 31st) and Nicosia (June 1st) campuses with more than a hundred participants updating their knowledge and getting a glimpse of what is to come.

Mike Berry is a London-based Digital Marketing consultant, author, and lecturer. He has worked in direct, integrated and digital marketing and as he points out, he used to work Offline! In his lecture, he focuses on online, social and mobile marketing which is getting increasingly more important over the last years.

And as he moves forward onto his insights on Digital Marketing Trends, highlighting the importance of wearable technology whether it be a smart watch by Apple, eyeglasses by Google, footwear by Nike or a chip for your tab in a club. Virtual reality could also be a new addition to the mix quite soon!

Mike Berry concludes that Digital Marketing is marketing

done with different tools, it follows the same basic principles and guidelines and a lot of the times has similar challenges to offline marketing; Advising everyone to continue using the “old stuff” as long as they still work for them but don’t be afraid to try new approaches, channels or tools, whether old-fashioned or the new trend in the market. It’s all about the effectiveness and the end results are what truly matter.

The lecture was part of MSc Management’s series of Open Public Lectures. Mike Berry is one of CIIM’s international faculty, teaching courses on the MSc Management for Digital Marketing specialisation. Collaborating with CIIM’s Executive Education, Mike also delivers executive training programmes on Digital Marketing which are ideal for working professionals that have already obtained a post graduate degree.