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Let’s run together for the Limassol Marathon 2016

Run or walk 5K with the CIIM Family!


Molos Area, Limassol


Date and Time of Event:
10 April 2016 @ 09:00am


Associated Fee:
5 Euro per person payable at CIIM


Registration Deadline:
25 March 2016


Who can participate:
Students, Alumni and Staff, Friends and Family




Join the CIIM family for the Limassol Marathon event and let’s Run or Walk together for 5 kilometers on the coastal road of Limassol, enjoying the sun and the sea at the same time.
This event is sponsored by CIIM and the 5 euro fee will go towards the purchase of your CIIM T-Shirt!


Good news: The T-Shirt is yours after the marathon!


Friends and family are most welcome to join
Members of your family or friends are welcome to register also.