Intercultural Marketing Communication Lecture – Limassol

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The lecture demonstrates the important function and the specifics of intercultural marketing communication in the scope of market-orientated international management and how the orientation to and conception of communication tools have to find their way into companies in order to be successful in a competitive international market in the long run. At the same time selected roles and functions of intercultural communication and the corresponding demands will be presented.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the lecture, participants should be able to:

  • assess the relevance of intercultural marketing communication
  • reassess the relevance of international communication decisions with regard to their success
  • identify crosslink in the international marketing communication
  • to understand international market’s communication demands

Lecture Outline

  1. The three dimensions of intercultural competence
  2. Intercultural competence in personal interactions
  3. Intercultural communication
  4. The impact of body language
  5. The scope for misunderstanding
  6. Consequences for intercultural marketing communication
  7. Standardization versus differentiation
  8. Examples

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Klaus Mühlbäck