CIIM Mentorship Series – Body Language

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Importance of nonverbal communication

  • The nonverbal channels
  • Body posture
  • Gestures
  • Proxemics
  • Voice
  • Touch
  • Facial Expression (physiognomy, dynamic facial expressions, microexpressions)
  • Correlations with the phenomenon of leadership.
  • The management of our multiple identities, links to the process of deception, and the phenomenon of nonverbal leakage.

Why should people come? 

Beyond words, life is a fascinating world of nonverbal communication. When you can read body language, every moment you spend with others, you can make it valuable, and if you are in business, you can make it profitable. In the proposed, lecture participants are going to be equipped with the tools to begin reading those body language giveaways and accurately transmitting messages.

Dr Savvas TrichasDr Trichas holds a PhD in the field of Human Resources Marketing and Management and, currently, is a professor at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and associate lecturer at the Open University of Cyprus. As a scholar, he has conducted a number of studies investigating psychology of communication, and he is considered as a world class expert on attention management, leadership, facial expression analysis, and deception detection. His research is published in top scientific journals such as the Leadership Quarterly. Finally, Dr. Trichas has collaborated with several prestigious universities and organizations such as Stanford University, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, and the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus as professional development consultant and visiting lecturer.

Workshop’s Material: » Download here the presentation (pdf file)