The 4th Industrial Revolution Comes to Cyprus

About the Conference

The exponential rise of the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in has been described as the 4thindustrial revolution. Data science and analytics are already extensively employed in many different sectors such as retail, banking, financial services, security, telecom, healthcare, shipping, the public sector and many others. Big Data Analytics is the science of uncovering patterns, correlations and insights from mounds of data from different sources such as transactions, sensors, search engines, and social media, using techniques from different scientific fields such as statistics, data modelling, machine learning, mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, visualisations, business intelligence and many others. It is the process of turning data into insights and insights into meaningful actions, enhancing the decision making capabilities of a company and as a result reducing costs and improving performance. The size of data analytics market is about $150 billion and expected to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years with more and more companies employing bid data analysts to make sense of their mounting volumes of data.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Goodell, BSc Mathematics (MIT), Ph.D. in Computer Science (Harvard University), CFA, CAIA, is a Portfolio Manager and Entrepreneur currently with The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT). He is also affiliated with Oxford University. Dr. Goodell has expertise in e-Governance, P2P Systems, Systemic Risk and Portfolio Management. He served as Partner and Chief Investment Officer PhaseCapital LP where he led the design, implementation, and management of investment strategies in systematic macro trading and statistical arbitrage. Previously he served as Strategist at Goldman Sachs in New York where he analysed and evaluated new products and strategies.

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About the MSc in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

CIIM’s MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics is a unique and innovative-by-design postgraduate degree that combines both managerial and technical aspects around the data science field and it is designed to equip the candidates with the necessary knowledge and a diverse set of skills required throughout the data analytics lifecycle. This skillset includes business data requirements, data acquisition and integration techniques, data storage, data processing, data analysis, insights derivation, and ultimately, the business deployment of derived insights in a meaningful and efficient manner.
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