BBA Faculty

Dr Panayotou, or Theo, is on an extended sabbatical from Harvard University where he served as Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Program at the Centre for International Development (CID) and taught Environmental Economics. Dr Panayotou has published over 100 papers, monographs and books on environmental economics, policy and management, and is considered a world authority on economic instruments and financing mechanisms for sustainable development.

Prior to taking up his post at Harvard, Dr Panayotou held positions at several universities throughout Southeast Asia. He has also served as an advisor to government industries in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia and the United States, as well as countries in Eastern Europe, Central America and the Mediterranean. Dr Panayotou has been consulted by many international organisations, including the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP and FAO. He has a BA from the University of Athens, an MA from York University, and a PhD from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Resident Faculty

  • Paris Cleanthous, PhD (Yale University US), Associate Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Director of Master in Business Administration (MBA) Programme & Director of Master in Master in Public Sector (MPSM) Programme
  • Theodore Panayotou, PhD (University of British Columbia US), Professor of Economics and Ethics & Director of CIIM
  • Takis Stylianides, PhD (North Dakota State University US), Associate Professor & Acting Director of MSc Human Resource Management & Organizational Behaviour Programme & Vice President Operations
  • George Theocharides, PhD (Eller College of Management, Tucson, AZ US), Assistant Professor of Finance & Director of MSc Financial Services Programme
  • Olga Kandinskaia, PhD (MGIMO-University, Moscow Russia), Assistant Professor of Finance & Director of MSc Business Management Programme
  • Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD (University College of London), Lecturer in Information Management & Director of MSc Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Programme
  • Ioannis Christodoulou, PhD (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Director of MSc Education, Leadership and Management Programme
  • Costas Kaloyeros, ACA, Chief Financial Officer, Cyprus International Institute of Management

International Faculty

  • Mr. Demetrakis Savvides, Phd in Laws (Cand) UNIVERSITY OF MAASTRICHT LAW SCHOOL. SEPT. 2016, Masters of Science in Justice Studies ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tempe AZ., Legal Consultant
  • Dimis Michaelides, MSc (renamed MBA) in Business Administration (London Business School), Visiting Lecturer at Neapolis University in Pafos.
  • Andreas Solomou, ΜΒΑ (Kingston University, UK), Lecturer/Train-the Trainer-Instructor/Author, Authorized Trainer & Consultant of the Human Resource Development Authority
  • Panayiotis Jacovides, M.Sc (Grande Ecole of Marseille France), CEO / Director of The Expert’s Alliance – Jacovides & Associates Ltd, Cyprus
  • Christina Chinas, PhD (University of Cambridge, UK) Teaching Fellow School of Education, Durham University UK