As part of the core course namely Career and Industry Seminars of the MBM – MSc in Business Management programme, students have the opportunity to attend visits to CIIM’s partner companies. Last Friday 30/11/2018, a group of our MBM students visited Alphamega. The Alphamega company visit took place at the corporate headquarters in Nicosia.

With 14 stores across Cyprus and 3 more in the pipeline, Alphamega is today the largest supermarket chain on the island. While the company has excelled in many areas and while it truly represents a best practice example for customer service and quality control, the key theme for the MBM students during the Alphamega company visit was the use of business intelligence.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) delivered presentations focused on the digital transformation covering three levels: customer experience, internal digital workplace, and the use of data analytics for all managerial decisions. The close collaboration between finance and IT is the heart of Alphamega’s internal managerial model, driving the company’s digital marketing strategy to new levels. The CIO also gave the students tips on the basic protection from cyber-crime. Ms Elina Kyratzi, from HR department, delivered an introduction on the company’s HR practices.

Following the Alphamega company visit, we wish to express our gratitude to the company’s management for hosting our students.

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