A new company visit has been included in CIIM’s MBM – MSc in Business Management Programme. The previous Friday 01.03.2019, fifteen MBM students participated in the first company visit to AIG Insurance. A part of a large international network, the Cyprus branch is currently reporting to the headquarters in Luxembourg, where they moved from UK due to Brexit. In each country, AIG adapts to the local market, but their overall company culture seems to be a balance between profitability, devoted service to their customers, and employees’ happiness.

Eight presentations from the key managers and a Q&A session with the Managing Director Mr Stavros Florides, allowed our students to get a glimpse of the insurance market in Cyprus and the specific niche that AIG chose in this market.

The MBM students were made aware of the company’s innovative insurance products such as CyberEdge.

We would like to express our gratitude to the company and the management for hosting our students.
Thank you AIG Europe for this experience!

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