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The Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) is an international business school, established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of prominent academics from some of the world’s top business schools. Its aim has been to draw on the best academics in graduate management education from around the world and make their talent and experience available to international students in Cyprus. Having pioneered a modular educational model that gives its programs exceptional flexibility by enabling students to focus on a specific subject within short, yet intensive periods, the vision of CIIM is to be a catalyst for innovation and change in the field of management education. A premier graduate management school, CIIM is known and chosen for the academic quality and market relevance of its programs, its transformative culture, and its effectiveness in addressing real-world problems and creating shared business and social value. CIIM encompasses a threefold mission: a) to empower its graduates through transformative learning and research to realize their full potential as value creators; b) to challenge the status quo by innovating, creating and applying knowledge to real-world problems; and c) to impact decision-makers and institutions in a manner that will make for an open and prosperous economy and society.

theo panayiotou

CIIM Director & Dean Dr. Theo Panayotou

Contributing to the Management Education Sector

In the Middle East region, business and management education has been receiving particular attention and interest from the new generation of students, as seen by their rapidly growing numbers, as well as the proliferation of the BBA, MBA, and MSc in Management programs in the region. The Cyprus International Institute of Management has been contributing to the growth of this sector both quantitatively and qualitatively, especially at the postgraduate level, by adding a new Master’s program every couple of years. Beyond its renowned MBA and MPSM programs, with a 30-years history, CIIM offers six specialized Masters: MSc in Business Management, MSc in Financial Services, MSc in Human Resources Management, MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, MSc Financial Law and International Taxation, and an online MSc in Shipping Operations and Management. A new MSc in Applied Information Technologies and two Doctoral programs are currently under accreditation review for a 2022 launch. “CIIM’s unique value proposition lies in delivering transformative education of international quality in the form of an integrated portfolio of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for a successful career as leaders, managers or entrepreneurs, at affordable cost and a flexible schedule”, says Professor Theodore Panayotou, Director & Dean, CIIM. CIIM faculty have been contributing to the disciplines of Economics, Management, Business and Information Technology through their research publications in international journals and award-winning teaching cases. CIIM puts particular emphasis on the quality of teaching and learning by tapping top academic talent from around the world through its flexible modular course system that enables renowned professors from top world universities to lecture at CIIM. All CIIM academic programs are made available to the international students’ community in the immediate regions of the Middle East and Southern Europe but also more widely to South and Southeast Asia. Cyprus, a picture-perfect-study-abroad destination for international students, and CIIM a centre of educational excellence for management and business technology education have a lot to offer to Indian students. CIIM programs are not just international in scope and application, but the institute is also equipped with renowned professors from top world universities who provide personal guidance and support and world-class education at an affordable cost.

A promising Educational Hub for Indian Students

The MBA, the MSc in Human Resources Management and the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics have been popular programs for the Indian students at CIIM along with the MSc in Financial Services and the online MSc in Shipping Operations and Management. “Cyprus Culture is not very different from the Indian culture. Both cultures are family oriented with very strong bonds among family members. The two countries share many more common features than one would imagine considering their distance and a big difference in size because both countries have been British colonies. Yet, transition difficulties may occur occasionally with Indian students and CIIM has its mechanisms to ease transition through engagement of Indian alumni, the use of the buddy system, and more. Students facing personal problems receive counselling and support from the Student Counselling Office. Appreciating the contribution of Indian students to quality and diversity of the student body, CIIM offers one full and three 50 percent scholarships for Indian students per program and a 30 percent discount on tuition fees to all qualified Indian students for both the current (2020-21) and next (2021-22) academic year on the occasion of CIIM’s 30th anniversary”, quotes Theodore Panayotou. Since its inception, CIIM has been growing slowly but steadily as a result of its rigorous quality standards and the selectivity in the students it admits. All applicants are interviewed by a faculty panel for admission, to establish that they have the required credentials and qualities for admission into their selected program. CIIM began with two programs in 1990, the MBA and the MPSM, and expanded to 10 programs by 2019. “The great majority of our graduates proceeded to pursue managerial careers in business and government and several have risen to top leadership positions both at home and abroad. If students are interested in postgraduate studies in business or management, they cannot do better than applying to study at CIIM, one of the country’s leading business school with a 30-year history of ‘relentless pursuit of excellence’, as declared by its motto,” concludes Professor Panayotou.