CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management, which is a pioneer international business school, introduced – since its foundation, the rolling-admissions system combined with the modular education.

What is CIIM’s rolling-admissions system?
At CIIM, we evaluate applications as they are received. This means that prospective students can apply all year round while the evaluation process is quick.

Why choosing rolling-admissions?
The advantages are numerous and they provide prospective students with various opportunities.

What are the advantages?

1. A quick process
The process is quick. Here at CIIM, we assess an application as soon as it’s received and within 5 working days prospective students receive a response.

2. There are no deadlines
Yes this is true. There are no deadlines. This means that you can apply all year round. Even though prospective students have the flexibility to apply within the time-frame of their convenience, during busy periods within the academic year competition is high.

3. Get ahead of competition and avoid stress
Use the admissions process correctly and enjoy the benefits. We encourage you to apply early. This will help you get ahead of competition and of course avoid stress.

4. Increase your chances for acceptance
As mentioned above, there are academic periods where the competition is high. By submitting your application early, you beat the competition and you increase your chances of acceptance.

CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management is a non-profit international business school established in 1990. The school offers seven (7) accredited master’s degrees in business. Operating in two campuses, Nicosia and Limassol, CIIM offers courses taught by resident and international faculty members from top universities worldwide.

CIIM introduced the rolling-admissions system in combination with the modular system, which allows prospective students to have full control over their studies, to organise their schedule effectively and to maintain a very good balance between studies, work and personal life.

About the Author
Nikos Vardouniotis
Marketing Officer (CDMP) & MBM – MSc in Business Management student at CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management
[email protected]