Myrto Lambrou

Madame Figaro Shisheido Women of the year 2016 awards nominee for Innovation of the year

Who is Myrto Lambrou – A short bio 

Myrto Lambrou is an architect and the inspiration behind Materics.

Myrto Lambrou, a CIIM MBA student, an architect and co-founder of start-up Materics, a CIIM-ENTICE graduate and IDEA Programme team has been nominated for the prestigious Madame Figaro Shisheido Women of the year 2016 awards in the category ‘Bank of Cyprus – Innovation of the year’ (Τράπεζα Κύπρου – Καινοτομία της χρονιάς).

She studied architecture at the Aristotle University and graduated in 2009. Since then she has worked at architectural firms in Greece and Cyprus and as a freelance architect. She has been involved in a range of projects, residential and commercial, architectural competitions and more. Myrto is currently finishing her MBA at the CIIM – Cyprus International Institute of Management.

The inspiration for Materics came up through observing and experiencing the everyday processes of professionals in the industry. Materics is a research, collaboration and productivity tool especially designed for architects, interior designers and others in the construction industry.

During the last year, she is working on architectural projects and continues to develop Materics, which has already won one national startup competition.

Myrto is an architect and an innovator, creative and restless.