Programme Overview

Nowadays, companies recognise that employees are their most valuable assets. Their profitability and competitiveness largely depends on their employees’ skills, knowledge and motivation. Therefore, the human resources function – which is responsible for recruiting, training, appraising, compensating, and motivating employees – assume a bigger and more significant role in defining the firm’s overall strategy.  Students attending this programme will gain the necessary skills and the knowledge to effectively manage the HR function and help companies and organisations become more efficient and competitive.


MSc HRM, Students Profile 2014

International Students 15%
Average Age 29years old
Average Work Experience 6years
Women 60%
Men 40%

Is the programme suitable for me?


  • The only HRM & OB programme in Cyprus
  • Learn with real case studies and hands-on examples
  • Get local and international HR skills
  • Learn how to evaluate personnel and yourself

Programme Objectives

  • Develop excellent knowledge and understanding of the main activities of the HR function
  • Aquire desicion-making skills and other competencies relevant to HRM
  • Enhance their understanding of principles, policies and practices related to HRM
  • Learn how to use HRM tools for problem solving in an imaginative, efficient manner