MSc Financial Services Programme Details

ECTS Composition

The MSc Financial Services requires that students complete 90 ECTS credits as follows:

  • Earn 60 ECTS from taught core courses
  • Earn 30 ECTS from one of the following options:
    1. Specialisation elective courses
    2. Elective courses without a Specialisation
    3. A 15,000+ word Final Project (Thesis)

MSc in Financial Services Time and Duration

The MSc in Financial Services is a flexible modular programme with rolling admissions, which means you can join any time of the year. However, we generally have two main intakes of students, one in September/October and another in January/February.

Classes are held during evenings and weekends, leaving weekdays free for employment or an internship.

The MSc in Financial Services can be completed in one year by attending classes six-to-eight evenings plus one weekend per month, or you can complete it at a slower pace taking up to a maximum of two years.

MSc in Financial Services Admission Requirements

We seek to select highly qualified candidates who are motivated, who desire to affect positive change and who will make a positive contribution at CIIM.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited programme. In terms of GPA, we expect 2:1 and above from UK schools, 3.0 and above from US schools, and 6.5 and above from Cypriot and Greek schools. Candidates with a lower grade than the above, maybe admitted if they have compensatory strengths in terms of work experience or other accomplishments (for example, CFA, ACCA, or ACA).
  • Proficiency in English (native speaker of English, or graduation from a university where the language of instruction is English, or IELTS with a score of at least 6.0, or TOEFL with a score of at least 250 (computerized) or 550 (conventional).
  • Successful personal interview.
    Once the completed application is received and you meet the admission criteria, the Admissions Officer will contact you to schedule an interview.
    Local students will be required to come to CIIM for a personal interview, whereas students living abroad will be interviewed over the phone.
    Therefore, please make sure all contact numbers and addresses on the application form are correct and legible.

Programme Table

Core Courses: Total 60 ECTS

Course Code ECTS
Trust and Ethics in Financial Services * FB405 6
Corporate Finance MB405 6
Investment and Portfolio Management FB540 6
Financial Accounting MB500 6
Quantitative Methods & Statistical Analysis BI430 6
Derivatives and Financial Engineering FB530 6
Risk Management FB455 6
Company Valuation FB460 6
Managerial Economics MB420 6
Investment Banking FB435 6
Total ECTS Credits (Core Courses) 60


* The course Trust and Ethics in Financial Services will be exempted for the applicants that have acquired the CFA Programme designation.


Elective Courses: Total 30 ECTS

Course Code ECTS
Financial Services Specialisation
Project and Business Financing FB415 6
Compliance, Supervision and Financial Reporting FB420 6
Fund Structuring FB425 6
International Finance and Currency Markets FB445 6
Corporate Law and Taxation FB450 6
Insurance Management Specialisation
Managing Risk in the Insurance Industry FB515 6
Insurance Environment FB570 6
Marketing in Financial Services FB560 3
Other Electives 12
Banking Specialisation
Commercial Banking FB400 6
Issues in Global Banking FB410 3
Project and Business Financing FB415 6
Compliance, Supervision and Financial Reporting FB420 6
Other Electives 9
Other Finance Electives
Internship 6
Applied Portfolio Management FB565 6
Financing New Ventures FB585 3
Final Project
A 15,000+ word Final Project (Thesis) 30

Programme Total: 90 ECTS

Download the Programme Table (PDF)