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You are a successful leader! You must have done many things right to get there, but “the paradox about success is that the ways that got you where you are, seldom are those that keep you there” (Charles Handy). We live in a fast-changing world with an unstable economic climate, intensifying competition, rapidly advancing technology, and demanding customers facing a plethora of choices. 

As managers, you are the power engines of your organizations, called upon to provide leadership and direction, to strategize, to inspire and to motivate. Yet the pressures of the day-to-day management are such that they leave you no time for keeping up with new ideas and practices and no time for reflection and exploration of new frontiers. The “urgent” has become the enemy of the “important”! We end up managing rather than leading, while rapid change in the economic environment and emerging competition eats quietly into our leadership, profits and market position, creating more management problems to deal with, further distracting us from our core strategic leadership role. 

CIIM’s Executive Leadership Programme (ELP) aims to bring to you new, exciting ideas, cutting edge methods, and winning practices from around the world; the programme is taught by a world class faculty of distinguished professors and management gurus, some with fortune-500 experience, from the world’s leading business schools such as Harvard, London Business School, Cranfield School of Management and Henley Business School. More than a hundred and sixty visionary business leaders have benefitted from the programme during the past eight years of its operation, and they are now lifetime members of the Executive Leaders Club. 

You too, and your company can benefit from attending the ELP, and you can do this with a minimum commitment of time and money.

What does the ELP offer participants?

  • Learn more about yourself as a leader and your ability to lead.
  • Develop a solid strategy that will help you manage change and navigate successfully through the current unstable market conditions
  • Gain new insights into what you can achieve as an inspirational business leader.
  • Acquire an enhanced ability to build high-quality relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Get exposed to new diverse perspectives on global business trends that will shape the competitive, economic and social environment.
  • Develop a concrete plan for change that can be implemented at the end of the programme.
  • Interact with world-class faculty and gain from their knowledge and ideas.
  • Flexible programme schedule to fit with the demands of work. 

What does the ELP offer companies?

  • More efficient and effective managers with enhanced leadership skills and performance
  • Top managers with knowledge of the latest thinking on key strategic issues that underpin organizational and business success 
  • Top managers with enhanced capacity to understand the business environment and to take on management in a manner that offers alternatives and new strategic opportunities to their organizations
  • Top managers who have strengthened their skills in order to manage teams effectively and to implement innovative strategies
  • Top managers who have approached benchmarking by exchanging experiences with world-class faculty and with colleagues from different industries and business sectors

Programme Schedule and Dates

To suit the busy schedule of executives, we have devised a programme to run for seven months, consisting of seven different modules of two days each (seven hours of teaching per day). Thus, the time commitment of participants is 14 days, spread from January to December 2013. Sessions are always held on one Friday and one Saturday per month, thus requiring one day off from work and one day from your leisure time.

There will be a session held at a resort, thus, giving participants the opportunity to socialise, exchange ideas and spend some leisure time together. The rest of the courses are held at CIIM's executive training facilities in Nicosia.






Leadership 18-19 Jan CIIM Andrew Kakabadse Cranfield School of Management
360 Degree Feedback 22-23 Feb CIIM Brian Willman London Business School
Managing Change Complexity & Crisis 15-16 Mar CIIM Stephen Carver Cranfield School of Management
Business Ethics & CSR 19-20 Apr CIIM Theodore Panayotou Harvard University / CIIM Director
Strategic Innovation 18-19 Oct Resort Costas Markides London Business School
Strategic Marketing 15-16 Nov CIIM Moira Clark Henley Business School
Strategic Communication Skills 13-14 Dec CIIM John Dimakis STR Greece Strategic Communication Technologies

Strategic Innovation

This module will help you enhance your understanding of strategy within an organization, learn what is strategy and how to create one, and appreciate the importance of strategic innovation. Particular emphasis is given on the role of human resources and talent in implementing strategy.

Strategic Marketing

In this module particular emphasis is placed on marketplace factors that affect profitability, on managing customers and competitors and how to think strategically your marketing actions. The module also deals with managing high and low market share businesses, building effective differentiation, developing advanced segmentation and avoiding falling into the trap if “ profitless prosperity”.

Strategic Communication Skills

Communication is the critical thinking and planning that precedes and facilitates the successful execution of communication tactics used to effectively persuade a specific audience to take action, or assume, or change a particular perception. This module will ensure that participants are able to engage with skill, energy and confidence in full range of interpersonal communication skills. It is vital that every senior manager communicates effectively with staff member at all levels within the organisation beyond its boundaries with clients, suppliers, government agents and the international community.


Leadership can be identified as the art of creating a workplace where people can envision their jobs as an integral part of their lives and readily devote their talents to the success of their company. Leaders recognise what fundamentally drives people and can connect those drives to corporate objectives. During this module, you will complete an intensive analysis of your own motivations, behaviours and goals for leadership improvement. By enhancing your understanding of the motivations and attitudes that drive you, you can become more purposeful and effective as a leader. The module will help you diagnose any irrational organisational cultures in your company and foster the means of change by enhancing group dynamics and team building.

360° feedback

Continuing feedback is critical to the high performance of senior managers. Prior to the module, participants will be asked to circulate a confidential 360 degree feedback questionnaire to people who are familiar with their work and management style (line managers, colleagues, direct reports, clients, suppliers). The questionnaire will ask for the information about the participant’s performance in terms of number of key management and leadership behaviours. During the session, each participant will have an opportunity to reflect on his/her data, discuss with others and identify a personal action plan.

Managing Change, Complexity, and Crisis

This module explores how to manage change, complexity and crisis within organizations. Change is an inevitable feature of today’s business environment and so the ability to manage change in all its forms is a vital skill at all levels of management.
Sometimes change is planned and leads to strategic projects and programmes but sometimes the change is forced upon the organization. Both types of change can be further complicated by the complex nature of the modern business world and the attention of an often hostile media.
This module addresses the suite of behaviours that managers need to acquire in order to manage projects, programmes and crisis across the spectrum of change.

Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Increasingly, shareholders, customers, employees, the media and other stakeholders, including the public, are placing demands on business to be ethical and socially responsible. The growing number of scandals and of businesses that go bankrupt as a result of ethical misconduct attest to the imperative of making ethics an integral part of doing business.

This session will provide the insights and means to appreciate and understand the challenges, so that business leaders and senior executives can meet the ethical expectations of society more effectively, while they continue to create value and advance the long-term interest of their firms.

Who should attend?

The ELP is intended for highly motivated and ambitious individuals who typically have a management track record of 10-20 years, including significant general management experience. It is particularly relevant to CEOs, members of Boards of Directors, or people who are about to assume the general management of their company. Senior Division Managers, Marketing and Finance Directors, who are part of the policy making of their company, will also benefit.

Recently participating companies

Amathus Beah Hotel
Aphrodite Hills Resort
Aspen Management Services
Atlas Pantou Co. Ltd
Bank of Cyprus
Bonalbo Group
Central Bank
Chrysaphinis & Poliviou
Crown Resorts Group
Cyfield Group of Companies
Cyprus Exchange Commission
Cyprus National Guard
Demstar Information Group
Depfa Investment Bank
Design Dot Dot
Electricity Authority of Cyprus
Epiphaniou Group
Eureka Ltd
Eurosure Insurance
Fxpro Financial Services
Gnora Media Consultants
Hellenic Bank

Hermes Airports Ltd.
Hyperion Systems Engineering
Papaphilippou Advocates
Lanitis Development
Lemissoler Shipping Group
Lordos Plasctics
Marfin Popular Bank
Medcon Construction Ltd
Medochemie Pharmaceutical
Muskita Hotels Ltd.
Nice Day Developers Ltd
Pafilia Property Developers
Palatino Developers
Piraeus Bank
Tseriotis Group 
Relax Pools & Gardens
SFS Group
Telmen Ltd
TFI Markets Ltd.
Trican Well Services Ltd
Voici La Mode
Zorbas & Sons Public Ltd.


“An excellent programme, giving me a lot of insight into the problems we face in our organization. I also had the chance to meet with executives from other organizations and, in the process, discuss and exchange ideas about managing our organizations. It has been a positive and enlightening experience. I highly recommend it! “
Artemis Antoniadou
Managing Director, Voici la Mode

“Courses successfully addressed the practical needs of business leaders today, and the knowledge we gained can be applied to every-day circumstances in our working life.”
Michael Johnson
International Finance Director, Trican Well Services Ltd

“An essential refresher course on leadership, innovation and strategy for every time-constrained executive. The combination of excellent speakers and select, well diversified, interactive participants results in an intellectually stimulating and rewarding 16 days experience.”
Philip Larkos
Vice-Chairman & CFO, SFS Group plc

“An intellectually stimulating, demanding but rewarding experience. Top speakers, high quality group, lively interaction, warm relation-building.”
Anna Diogenous Tserioti
Managing Director, Tseriotis Group Ltd

“Outstanding lecturers and very interesting and stimulating topics. Gave the opportunity to meet and talk to peers from other companies who share the same professional challenges.
Chrysis Phiniotis,
Manager – Core & Transport Networks, Cyta

“It is the most interesting and useful course I attended during my 30-year career. Well done CIIM!”
Tonis Toumazis
MD, Atlas Pantou Ltd

"A unique experience! An eye opening program. The ideal course for the business professional. An opportunity to meet with very important people. Join the CIIM ELP Network. You will love it! ”
Michalis Papadopoulos
Manager Corporate Customers, Cyta

“I found the course very interesting and innovative. Through the areas covered I managed to enhance my knowledge and perception in various areas of management skills and techniques. I will definitely recommend the course to business associates and friends”
Evangelia Chistodoulou
Senior Officer, Head, BOP Section, Statistics Department, Central Bank of Cyprus

“The ELP helps in creating strong bonds between people working in different sectors of the economy”
Jason Neophytou
New Business Development Manager, Eureka Ltd

A world-class faculty is selected to teach the ELP. You will find them dynamic, though-provoking and inspirational. They will challenge your ideas and reshape your own priorities and those of your business.

Costas Markides

According to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, one of the world's top three gurus in strategy. A native of Cyprus, Costas received his BA (Distinction) and MA in Economics from Boston University, and his MBA and DBA from Harvard Business School. He has done research and published on the topics of strategic innovation, corporate restructuring, refocusing and international acquisitions. He has taught on many in-company programmes (for companies such as Unilever, British Aerospace, Pirelli, Avon, Honeywell, Wellcome, PolyGram, James Capel, Mercury Asset Management, Warner Lambert, LVMH, Boeing, Nortel, Standard Chartered Bank, Natwest, Nestle and Sara Lee) and is on the Academic Council of the Cyprus International Institute of Management. Costas is a member of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society and a Fellow of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He is a professor of Strategy and International Management at London Business School.

Moira Clark

Moira Clark is Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School, Head of Marketing and Reputation as well as Director of The Henley Centre for Customer Management (A consortium of organisations who are interested in leading-edge best practice in customer management. Members include and have included for example: GSK, Bentley, BMW, RBS, Cisco, SAS, Mercedes Finance, Microsoft, AXA, Kelly Services, 3M, etc)

Leading expert in the area of Strategic Marketing and Customer Management, Moira has researched and published widely on the subject of Relationship Marketing, customer experience and service excellence.  She serves as a consultant and advisor to major UK and international blue chip companies. Her main area of research and consulting is in Strategic Marketing, Customer Management, Customer Experience, CRM, Service Excellence, Social Networking, Customer Retention and Internal Marketing. She has worked extensively in the area of culture and climate, its impact on retention and loyalty and the critical linkages between employee behaviour and customer retention. Moira is a frequent keynote speaker at many public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world.

Moira joined Henley from Cranfield School of Management in 2005.  Prior to her academic career, Moira was an international marketing consultant based in Munich where she was involved with a wide range of industries including service industries, consumer and industrial goods manufacturers. She has also worked as a marketing director for an international health food manufacturer and as a marketing manager for the toiletries subsidiary of Dunhill International.

John Dimakis

Executive Director of STR, and a communication consultant active for many years both in Greece and in Cyprus. He has provided the strategic framework for the communication of major companies in both countries and has also focused on internal communication of business firms. He has been actively involved as a strategist in the political campaigns of parties and candidates for parliament and for mayorships. He was also a chief communication consultant during Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Andrew Kakabadse

Andrew is a Professor of International Management Development at Cranfield School of Management. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster; Visiting Scholar in Residence at Thunderbird, School of Global Management, USA; Visiting Professor at Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia; Visiting Professor at Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Enterprise, Melbourne, Australia.

Andrew has consulted and lectured in the UK, Europe, USA, SE Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Georgia, the Gulf States, India and Australia. He was also Vice Chancellor of the International Academy of Management and has been Chairman of the Division of Occupational Psychology, British Psychological Society, 2001. His current areas of interest focus on improving the performance of top executives and top executive teams, excellence in consultancy practice, leadership, corporate governance, conflict resolution and international relations.

Brian Willman

A graduate of London Business School, Brian has worked at LBS for over twelve years. He is a Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Management Development and is linked to the Faculty of Organisational Behaviour. He is a Programme Director for a number of businesses that use the School, including WPP, Roche and Rabobank. He teaches Organisational Behaviour on other programmes, including those for IBM and Kone, and has run the Leadership Module on the School's Accelerated Development Programme, leading a team of ten tutors. He specialises in the development of leadership skills for senior managers in businesses facing change. Brian also runs his own business, People Dynamics, and has worked throughout western and central Europe and in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and South East Asia. He has also worked for the global consultancy firm, Gemini Consulting, and was responsible for meeting the training needs of staff across Europe and South Africa.

Stephen Carver

Stephen is constantly rated as one of the top three lecturers at Cranfield Business School. His career began in the oil business where he learnt to manage risk and lead teams on high pressure projects and at times of crisis. After undertaking an MBA he worked for Virgin and became deeply integrated into their high media profile. Following this assignment he worked for the CEO of Halliburton Europe as Head of Business Strategy – a role that included much crisis management. For the last 15 years Stephen has run his own highly successful company as well as being a full time member of faculty at Cranfield. He has been Director of Communications for the last ten years and over that time has established a centre of excellence in Crisis and Media Management.

Theodore Panayotou

Professor Panayotou has been on the faculty of Harvard University for the past 20 years. He established and directed for many years the Environment and Sustainable Development Programme (ESD) at Harvard. He teaches Economic Analysis for Public Policy and Advanced Environmental Economics, at the postgraduate level at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Before Harvard, Dr Panayotou was a senior economist with the Rockefeller Foundation (New York). While at Harvard he served as advisor to the governments of the US, China, Indonesia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Central America, Brazil and East Mediterranean. He has been consulted by many international organizations, including the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO, FAO, USAID as well as private businesses.

At CIIM, Professor Panayotou teaches Corporate Environmental Management and Ethics in Business and Government. He has also directed the Institute for the past four years while on sabbatical and partial leave from Harvard. He has published over a hundred papers, monographs and books and is considered a world authority on economic instruments and financing mechanisms for sustainable development. His most recent book, Environment for Growth (ed)., is published by Harvard University Press.

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